Architecture And Design Studio T SAKHI Launches Stunning Murano Collection

BY Ayesha Sohail Shehmir Shaikh / May 30 2020 / 11:00 AM

Beirut-based multidisciplinary architecture and design studio T SAKHI’s latest collection is a reinterpretation of traditional Lebanese tableware fuelled by a love for Murano glass

Architecture And Design Studio T SAKHI Launches Stunning Murano Collection
Latest Tableware Collection by T SAKHI entitled Tasting Threads

Founded by Lebanese-Polish sister duo Tessa and Tara Sakhi, hybrid architecture and design studio T SAKHI merges multiple creative disciplines spanning residential and commercial architecture, product design, film and art installations.

Most recently the studio has unveiled a Murano range produced in Venice with glass studio Laguna B, comprising tableware, flasks, floor lamps and more, all made through the alteration of authentic Murano’s characteristics.

Assorted deep bowls, long glass and shot glass from the collection

The sisters’ passion for Murano glass flourished when they first started their workshops in the furnaces of Laguna B with local glassblowers in Venice, four years back.

The fluidity and malleability of glass sparked the desire to explore the varying textures that can be produced.

Big and small flasks from the collection

“As a studio, we place human interaction at the core of our practice and question our contemporary understandings of identity and living,” say Tessa and Tara.

“Therefore, we wanted to design functional objects for everyday use that brings people together and allows people to interact and share moments over food and beverages.”

Assorted glasses with deep bowl of same colour

Entitled Tasting Threads, the tableware collection features an array of colourful glasses, plates and bowls, with shapes inspired by different ways of dining and drinking. “Different dimensions and heights are designed to make the table setting more dynamic and playful; small glass for shot drinks, wide and small glass for beverages with ice, long narrow glass for water, flat plates and deep bowls for sharing, as the traditional Lebanese mezza,” they share.

“Tasting Threads was achieved by integrating metal wires within the glass, resulting in an aleatory pattern within the glass.”

Range of assorted glasses

The Murano glass has been infused with steel threads, creating intentionally uncontrolled shapes. The handcrafted pieces highlight the duality of Italian and Lebanese cultures; the beautiful artisanship of local craftsmen in Venice and traditional elements visible in Lebanese tableware.

“Both Mediterranean cultures, Lebanon and Italy, have very similar ways of life and similar social norms, whether in social gatherings, in dining settings or their values in craftsmanship,” say Tessa and Tara. “We want to emphasise this strong duality with the craftsmen enriching the experience with their technique and expertise of mouth-blown Murano.”

Assorted flasks

The studio has also unveiled I Hear You Tremble, a range comprising wall-mounted fluid shapes, floor lamps and lights. The collection is an intricate experimentation of the amalgam amidst Murano and recuperated aluminium waste. “The aluminium debris resulted in extra-terrestrial stone-like formations,” explain the sisters.

“Both reflecting a mysterious light and creating interesting shadows.” The shadow formations recall figures emerging from the ground and ceiling lights melting.

I Hear You Tremble lighting

“It is all about trial and error,” they share. “We experiment with raw materials and try to test the strength and limits of each material with different manipulations. We learned how to embrace surprises and accidents, which are undeniable for the evolution of any process.

Our techniques aspire a creation associated with chaos, mystery, randomness and precision, spirit and matter and finally, natural versus man-made, emphasising on nature's mutation with human intervention.”

Images courtesy of T SAKHI

From the Summer 2020 issue of Harper's BAZAAR Interiors