5 Books To Read For Interior Design Inspiration

BY Reefaya Noortaj / Apr 10 2020 / 12:00 PM

Prepare an espresso and enter a dreamy world of design and architecture with these inspiring new releases

5 Books To Read For Interior Design Inspiration
A page from inside of The House Of Glam

The House of Glam: Lush Interiors & Design Extravaganza 

This colourful tome introduces a refreshing take on custom wallpapers, elegant fabrics and rich marble, as well as mid-century design and geometry, all with maximalist flair. The pages showcase the younger generation of interior designers by the likes of David Alhadeff, Cristina Celestino and Nina Yashar, challenging conventional residential design. The variety of architectural landscapes featured are a treat for the eyes, where vibrant colour palettes, textures, unconventional forms and exotic materials merge to create a contemporary representation of an Art Deco glam aesthetic. The House of Glam gives a tour of the most exciting homes, from Italy to the America, shedding light on the most innovative designers at the forefront of this movement. 
Gestalten. Dhs202, gestalten.com

The House of Glam: Lush Interiors & Design Extravaganza

The Gardens of Eden  

The Gardens of Eden delves into the trending challenges of limited space, budget and time. This volume explains how to overcome three main challenges and create a stylish, sustainable lush space for garden and interior aficionados alike. Artist Abbye Churchill emphasises that patch size isn’t of concern and it’s easy to diversify and create a rich environment for plants, as well as for fruits and vegetables to flourish. The book introduces 23 inventive projects, featuring interviews with world-renowned designers and introduces the most beautiful contemporary gardens around the world. The tome also sheds light on different climate zones and soil types, providing top tips for sustainable gardening. Gestalten. Dhs162, gestalten.com

The Gardens of Eden

At Home in the English Countryside: Designers and Their Dogs 

This book provides a dreamy glance into some of the most breathtaking country homes and gardens in England, habituated by many of Britain’s influential design lovers and their dogs. At Home in the English Countryside displays a combination of glamorously bohemian and casually aristocratic country homes summarised in original photography and texts. The charming homes of top international designers, from Paolo Moschino and Kit Kemp to Anouska Hempel and Veere Grenney are presented. The designers offer inspirational and fun ideas on how to stylishly live with dogs without all the mess.
Rizzoli. Dhs128, rizzoli.com


Decorate Happy: Bold, Colorful Interiors  

Celebrated American designer Anthony Baratta – or the King of East Coast Chic as some know him – provides an insightful guide to decorating and highlights his noted bold aesthetic in this book, Decorate Happy. The featured rooms exude charm, happiness and are ideal for interior inspiration. The volume illustrates beautiful examples of classic colour, pattern and American style nodding to historical prominences such as an 18th century house in the historic Colonial Williamsburg. The pages showcase superb pop art with modern rooms and bright colours, as well as an urban country style. Each and every featured house is unique, yet the rooms share one common trait: joie de vivre. Baratta also includes daring decoration ideas intended for any reader to find joy and inspiration for the home.
Rizzoli. Dhs162, rizzoli.com 

Decorate Happy

Classicism At Home: Architecture of Alireza Sagharchi

The recently published Classicism At Home is a detailed volume featuring new photography, intricate drawings and beautifully written texts which unfold architect Alireza Sagharchi’s work across the world, from a residence in Kingston Gardens in London, a modish eco-resort on the Danube and a rural hunting lodge, to a sophisticated courtyard house by the sea. The volume features exterior and interior inspiration, including information on delicately manicured gardens. Sagharchi is celebrated for his contemporary classical architecture and traditional urban design style - he is also co-author of the books New Palladians and Traditional Architecture.                       
Rizzoli. Dhs312, rizzoli.com

Classicism At Home

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From the Spring 2020 issue of Harper's BAZAAR Interiors