Four New Books To Read For Interior Design Inspiration

BY Athwifa Saleem / Jun 14 2020 / 10:00 AM

Unleash the design enthusiast in you with these intriguing new and upcoming releases

Four New Books To Read For Interior Design Inspiration

Soul of the Home - Designing with Antiques

In her first book, Tara Shaw explains how to select the best antiques and use them in a variety of ways. The book presents exquisite spaces from Shaw’s portfolio and reveals her favourite hunting spots throughout Europe. Narratives from years of treasure hunting are accompanied by images of rare and precious finds, with text which explains just how to pick the right pieces and display them in contemporary interior settings.

Design enthusiasts will be able to look at each space and take away ideas they can apply to their own homes, to create personalised rooms full of beauty. Shaw’s book can be ultimately described as a stylish guide to decorating modern homes with heirlooms and antiques, thereby connecting the present with the past along the journey.

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Live Beautiful

In the highly anticipated design book by Athena Calderone, the author connects with her international network of interior stylists, fashion designers and tastemakers to reveal how carefully crafted interiors come together.

Calderone explores the initial spark of inspiration which enticed their design journey, by breaking down the details of rooms – such as layered textures and patterns, collected pieces and customised vignettes - and offers helpful tips on how to bring these elements into your own space.

Each space displayed in this book shows an innate understanding of the individual and each being distinctive, highlights the beauty of rarity. Filled with gorgeous photography by Nicole Franzen, Live Beautiful is both a showcase of exquisite design and a guide to creating a home that’s simply beautiful.

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Wild Interiors – Beautiful plants in beautiful spaces

Hilton Carter brings his unique eye and love for plants to show readers how to create lavish interiors that not only look amazing but are good for your wellbeing, too. From a tiny house in Venice, California and a light-filled loft in New York City, to a Berlin apartment decorated with vintage finds and the Barcelona home of a ceramic artist, there are ideas for all types of spaces and budgets.

This tome inspires you to set off on your very own plant journey, taking you room by room, profiling the plants that are most suited to each: those that thrive in the tropical humidity of bathrooms, the erratic heat changes of kitchens and plants that can live happily in the indirect light of an entryway or bedroom. Be inspired to create your own wild interiors with Hilton’s expert styling advice plus his hints and tips on plant care which take the mystery out of looking after your green friends.

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Bohemian Modern

Modern Bohemian-style homes are full of creativity, individuality and a bold mix of colour and patterns. The style touches base with 1970s vibes, with its use of shag pile rugs and Swiss cheese plants, but it stands firmly in the present by boldly contrasting those elements with sleek modern art and polished concrete work surfaces.

Throughout these pages, Henson offers styling tricks to use at home and timely ideas for recycling and reuse. She also shares her own process. The book begins by looking at the different facets of the aesthetic: pattern and colour, textiles, handmade pieces, living with indoor plants, collections and display.

From a restored barn on the coast of Morocco to a former parking garage in the Netherlands that’s been converted into a flexible family space, the author shows that any home can have a modern Bohemian style.

Ryland Peters & Small,

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