Listen: Why Have Influencers Become So Popular In The UAE?

BY Sarah Garden / May 2 2018 / 19:23 PM

On this week's Currently Trending podcast, we discuss the rise of the influencer and regulation in the industry

Listen: Why Have Influencers Become So Popular In The UAE?
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Harper's Bazaar Arabia's Currently Trending podcast is all about influencers this week. Sarah Garden, Bazaar's digital editor, discusses the astronomical rise of the influencer in the UAE with Tom Norton, head of content at ITP Live, luxury travel and fitness influencer Danae Mercer, and our very own fashion blogger, Milli Midwood. 

New regulation is coming to the industry in the next few months, we we're interested to get your views on the topic. You can use the hastag #HBACurrentlyTrending, or email We are planning a podcast soon called "Are you influenced by influencers?," so we'd love to hear your thoughts.

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