Meet The Saudi Sisters Taking Part In A Road Trip For Charity

Noor & Farah Taher, Cash & Rocket
As Saudi Arabia lifts the ban on women driving, we talk to two sisters about to get behind the wheel for a US tour

Cash & Rocket invites some of the world’s most influential women to get behind the wheel and “drive the change”, by embarking on a philanthropic road trip. This year, two Saudi sisters are joining the 700 mile drive from San Francisco to Las Vegas, in a bid to help raise $1 million for women and children’s charities.

The tour will see Noor and Farah Taher join the likes of supermodel Ashley Graham and designer Gelila Assefa Puk, on the first ever US tour. Cash & Rocket, which was founded by Julie Brangstrup in 2011, encourages female solidarity, while raising awareness for women’s charities across the globe.

As Saudi Arabia begins issuing women driving licences for the first time in 50 years, Bazaar caught up with Noor and Farah ahead of their trip.

Noor Taher

Noor Taher

The recent law granting women in Saudi the right to drive is what makes Cash & Rocket especially meaningful to me this year…
It’s a mark, a celebration, an intimate moment of hope for progress in the future with women from all over the world driving for a cause that makes a difference.

The new laws in Saudi Arabia on women driving are a beacon of light for the progress that is going to come in the future...
It’s a milestone. A deeply symbolic one that will shine light on the powerful, intelligent and independent minds Saudi women have and what they are capable of accomplishing. Being behind the wheel is just beginning. 

Being at the source of where all the action is taking place gives us more insight and clarity to update the world with what’s going on…
Landmark moments like these need to be commemorated and communicated through the voices of the people who are a part of it. 

We’re joining a fierce, driven (pun intended) family of women, we’re raising money to help improve the lives of those in need…
…and to top it all off - we’re marking a milestone back home that has ignited an engine Saudi women are ready to take on. 

Farah Taher

Farah Taher

We will be joining 80 women to drive across California and end in Las Vegas exclusively in red cars…
This is an empowering journey to support women through the mutual passion for cars by driving a change in the world.

First and foremost, I couldn’t be more proud to take this opportunity to pay it forward to underprivileged societies…
…after all, it is Ramadan and being able to raise the money we have has been the most gratifying and humbling experience. This rally also takes place at a pivotal point in Saudi history – this month marks the lift of the ban on women driving in Saudi Arabia, and I couldn’t think of a more exciting way to celebrate this achievement than to join inspiring women on an epic road trip. It’s like all the stars were aligned.

Vision 2030 is a long term plan to establish the direction Saudi Arabia is headed in…
Goals that serve the nation and the people, including women. Women driving represents in its own right Vision 2030’s commitment to adopt policies that enable women in the workforce.

I hope that anyone, regardless of gender, will recognise our efforts as a creative way to internationally integrate and celebrate monumental achievements for our country…
I hope young women seek their own ways of expressing support for other women through whatever medium they choose — be it locally or internationally.

I’d like to dedicate this journey to one person in particular—my grandmother…
She has been a pioneer in shaping women’s education in Saudi Arabia from the 1970s and dedicated her entire career to cultivating the future for women in academia.


Noor & Farah Taher, Cash & Rocket