Dermalogica Takes Skin Detox To The Next Level

BY Alexandra Venison / Feb 22 2017 / 23:09 PM

With their latest innovation the new Daily Superfoliant

Dermalogica Takes Skin Detox To The Next Level

Looking for ultra-smooth and healthy looking skin? We all know Dermalogica can be trusted for their innovative formulations ideal for all skin types and their latest release is no different. The new Daily Superfoliant is the next generation of powerful powder exfoliants, which unlike many other formulas can be used daily to detox the skin from ageing pollutants. A highly active powder that is found within Dermalogica’s cult Daily Microfoliant loved by beauty enthusiasts across the globe, the formula has been reworked in order to be used daily whilst still ensuring the same immediate results.

Daily Superfoliant

Focusing in on brown spots, fine lines and uneven skin tone the scientists at Dermalogica have found a link between the common signs of skin ageing and the exposure the skin has to air pollution. Causing hyperpigmentation and fine dehydration lines, skin can also suffer from a weakened structure and increased sensitivity leading to further damage. By exfoliating and removing the pollutants from the skin using ingredients that deeply cleanse and bind themselves to impurities whilst also helping to preserve its natural barrier function, a new youthful structure is created meaning softer and smoother skin.    


In order to see the best results, post cleansing you simply add half a teaspoon of Daily Superfoliant into wet hands. Rubbing hands together in order to create a creamy, foamy paste like texture, apply the formula to the face whilst remembering to avoid the sensitive eye area. Using circular movements, massage the formula into the skin and then rinse off thoroughly with warm water. For conditions associated with ageing skin Daily Superfoliant is ideal for daily use and for those with more sensitive skin, every other day is advised. 

Daily Superfoliant is available at authorised Dermalogica® spas, salons and skin centres across UAE and is priced at Dhs275