Shopping Malls in Dubai and Abu Dhabi To Reopen Very Soon

BY Aisha Rauf / Apr 23 2020 / 09:00 AM

The government has informed all shopping malls and offices to be on 'standby' for re-opening

Shopping Malls in Dubai and Abu Dhabi To Reopen Very Soon

Good news for everyone in Dubai and Abu Dhabi: the government is currently putting measures into place for the gradual reopening of malls and offices.

According to Arabian Business, a document released yesterday outlines the protocols for a four-stage re-opening of retail operations. Strict guidelines will be put into place to curb the spread of the virus.

All visitors and staff within the malls will need to wear face masks, in addition to having their temperatures screened before being allowed entry. 

Additionally, hand sanitizer dispensers will be installed throughout the buildings and a mandatory isolation area will be designated to isolate potential visitors with COVID-19 symptoms. The malls will also implement a 24-hour sanitization programme.

Social Distancing Will Be Implemented

Furthermore, the document highlights the importance of individuals maintaining two meters of social distancing.

All F&B outlets must reduce seating to 30 percent; tables and seating will be left with a minimum distancing of six feet apart. A red label will be placed on the entrance of all restaurants and stores displaying the maximum number of customers allowed at one time according to the social distancing of four feet.

Tourist Attractions Will Still Remain Closed

Other tourist attractions will remain closed for the first stage of the plan.

Malls will only operate for a total of 10 hours and visitors will only be allowed in for a maximum of 3 hours. Adults over the age of 60 and children between 3 and 12 will not be allowed to enter.

The Dubai Economy document also specifies guidelines for offices. Employees must maintain two metres of distancing, occupancy rate of the office space can only be a maximum of 30% and masks must be worn at all times. Meetings will be limited to five people or less whilst maintaining a two-metre distance.

A re-opening date has not been issued but operators have been told to standby for an announcement. A similar document was also issued in Abu Dhabi by the Department of Economic Development.

Lead image courtesy of Instagram/queen_waldorfbass