Emirates Is Now Offering Voucher And Refund Options On Tickets Booked Before August

BY Aisha Rauf / Apr 14 2020 / 10:00 AM

Customers who have purchased a ticket and cannot travel due to the coronavirus pandemic have three different options when postponing or canceling their booking

Emirates Is Now Offering Voucher And Refund Options On Tickets Booked Before August

Amid the current unprecedented and uncertain climate, Emirates Airlines has implemented a simple unified approach when it comes to refunds and rebooking tickets.

The updated COVID-19 travel waiver policy consists of three options for customers to choose from: keep the ticket and rebook at a later date; request a travel voucher (valid for one year from date the voucher was issued, and can be extended for a second year); or apply for a refund.

"The travel and airline industry have complicated rulebooks for how fares, re-bookings or refunds are applied, which also differ depending on market regulation. We understand that explaining and unravelling all of that is confusing and frustrating for customers,” Emirates chief commercial officer Adnan Kazim said in a statement.

“We sincerely hope that our customers will choose to rebook and fly with us again at a later time, and that is why we’re offering up to two years validity on their current tickets.”

All tickets booked prior to May 31, 2020 up to August 31, 2020 will immediately and automatically be extended for 760 days. Customers will also have the opportunity to use the ticket to travel to a different city within the Emirates region or completely change destinations with no reissuance fees.

Additionally, customers who have a change of heart can request a travel voucher. The voucher can be used for an Emirates product or service of their choice or to book a new ticket when they would like to travel again. Lastly, those customers who are unable or unwilling to travel can opt for a refund, where no penalties will be charged.

Customers can access an online form via emirates.com or contact their travel agents to exercise the policy.

Lead image courtesy of Jason Lloyd-Evans (Chanel SS16)

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