Gigi Hadid Was "A Few Months Preggo” During Fashion Month in February

BY Tanika D'Souza / May 28 2020 / 11:06 AM

And no, she's never had fillers...

Gigi Hadid Was "A Few Months Preggo” During Fashion Month in February

Taking time out of her blissful quarantine schedule (which appears to have included plenty of baking, gardening and Nintendo Switch-playing) supermodel and mum-to-be Gigi Hadid collaborated with makeup artist Erin Parsons in an Instagram Live with Maybelline last week.

The pair discussed skincare, facial fillers, and even touched on the model’s pregnancy, as Gigi shared a tutorial on how to get her signature makeup look.

Gigi references the emergence of sunspots around the top of her cheeks, evidence of the time she’s spent outdoors since the start of quarantine and saying how much she loves the look of natural pigmentation.

She also goes on to discuss her affinity for natural skincare, listing olive oil serums and rose quartz mists as some of the new additions to her routine.

Then, with guidance from Parsons, she moves onto makeup.

Starting with foundation and systematically applying brow pencil, bronzer, concealer and blush to her face the supermodel shares her tips and tricks while subtly transforming from a fresh faced and angelic homebody into a bronzed bombshell.

Throughout the course of the tutorial the pair discuss concealer shades, colour palettes and application techniques, but much to the surprise of the 792-thousand viewers on the call Gigi did divulges little revelations about her pregnancy.

While discussing the fullness of her iconic cherub-like cheeks, the supermodel references rumours about facial-fillers that started to appear after fashion month in February.

“For those wondering, I have never injected anything into my face,” she said.

Clarifying that she is more than happy for people to do “whatever they want to do to feel good about themselves,” Gigi noted that injectables are simply too scary for someone with “control freak” tendencies such as herself.

Surprisingly, shr instead attributes the roundness of her face primarily to her natural frame, but also to being pregnant and said to a now very bewildered Erin that she was actually “a few months preggo,” while walking runways in February.

Between the quick beauty hacks, and the revelations about the supermodel’s pregnancy, the hour and a half long tutorial is as informative as it is entertaining.

Watch the video below.

Lead image courtesy of instagram/gigihadid

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