From The Archives: Saudi Model Taleedah Tamer Reveals Her Beauty Must-Haves

Taleedah Tamer
Bazaar's July/August 2018 cover girl keeps it natural and has a thing for frozen grapes

Take a note from Saudi model (and our July/August 2018 cover star!) Taleedah Tamer's beauty diary with this insider look at the makeup, skincare, fitness routine, and more that keep her looking and feeling fab. Who better to ask than the country's first couture model?

Favourite make-up brand: “Either Dior or Chanel because their products are lighter and more wearable for day-to-day.
Foundation/concealer: “If I wear concealer, it would be the new Dior Fix It 2-in-1 Prime and Conceal stick as it’s quick and easy to use and is light on the skin.”
Go-to lip colour: “If I’m going out I’ll wear a red by Fenty Beauty by Rihanna.”
Current perfume: “The new Chanel No.5. My mom has always worn this scent and now it is also my day-to-day scent.”
Signature make-up hack: “I have really long eyebrows and tend not to pluck them so I like to use the MAC Clear Brow Gel to set them in place.”

Taleedah Beauty

Dietry requirements:
“I have been trying to transition into a plant-based diet and have been attempting it for the benefit of the planet and animals, but I still eat fish as sushi is one of my favourite foods.”
Go-to snack: “Frozen grapes. They are such an easy and healthy snack and taste just like popsicles.” Workout method: “I work out three-to-five times a week with a trainer. I used to do ballet for 10 years, which was a huge passion but I now do Pilates.”

Skincare routine:
“I wash my face with Dior’s Hydra Life cleanser because it is very delicate on the skin. At night I sometimes apply Mono Derma which contains Vitamin E. This keeps my skin moisturised and nourished with essential vitamins and oils it needs.”
Flight essentials: “I always travel with Avene Eau Thermale Spring Water and try to spray it as many times as possible throughout the flight as it is a natural way to keep in the moisture.”
Manicure: “I usually stick with more nude or clear nail polish, but if I feel like doing something different I like applying a dark red from Essie or Dior.”

Taleedah Beauty

Hair salon: Aldo Coppola Milano.
Hair schedule: “I usually trim my hair every two months to keep it healthy and soft and I don’t dye my hair.”
Style secret: “I use sulphate-free shampoo, as it is the most natural and is better for your hair and scalp. It also keeps it from getting dirty quickly as it has less chemicals in it.”
Favourite product: “L’Oréal Elnett hairspray. It has been my favourite for a long time, my hair is naturally very straight so it gives great volume and keeps the hair set in place for ages.”


Taleedah Tamer