Gabriela Hearst On How Sustainability Will Impact The Future Of Style

BY Samantha Hamilton Rushforth / Sep 6 2017 / 21:11 PM

The award winning designer talks exclusively to Bazaar

Gabriela Hearst On How Sustainability Will Impact The Future Of Style
Gabriela Hearst

As passionate about her personal label as she is the future of fashion in general, Gabriela Hearst is on the forefront of sartorial sustainability. Exclusively stocked at Boutique 1, her eponymous brand reflects the modern, understated choices of women today with classic silhouettes that surpass seasonal trends. Bazaar speaks to the woman behind the brand to understand her insights on the future of cultivating a social-conscious brand in today's fast fashion arena... 

Harper's Bazaar Arabia: What have been some of the standout moments of 2017 so far?

Gabriela Hearst: "It has been very exciting year for us so far having won the Woolmark International Prize, our first catwalk show in February and being nominated for a CFDA.  But I will say my standout moment so far would be a trip to Turkana, Kenya with Save The Children to see the work they are putting towards helping to fight famine."

HBA: You used to study performing arts, what direction did you originally see your career heading in?

GH: "I have always been interested in creative ways of communication. I actually studied audio visual production as I believed I was going to work in film and also took documentary classes but I started working in fashion 14 years ago and it took me a while but I think I am finally in the right communicating field for me."

(L-R) Dress, Dhs4,725, Camel coat Dhs6,740, Trench coat, Dhs8,920

HBA: What first sparked your interest in fashion?

GH: "I was always interested in fashion, but it was not a career option where I grew up in Uruguay.  There was no fashion schools there so in a way I feel it choose me."

HBA: What made you decide to create an eponymous label?

GH: "When I decided to become very good at what I did.  I strive for excellence that is driven by passion and vision.  I thought I was ready to put my name on a collection that has uncompromising quality and that's speak to the modern women."

HBA: How do your fabrics and styles adapt to modest wear?

GH: "Our collection is not a revealing one. Seduction exists in our collection but is done in a subtle way, it is not the first thing we communicate.  We do have a Middle Eastern clientele where we customize or make to measure to their needs." 

Gabriela Hearst A/W17

HBA: Your innovative use of textiles such as aloe-treated linen has been well-documented, what are some key aspects of your creative process that people don’t yet know about?

GH: "I think people don't know I sketch as much I do and how product driven I am. I am interested in quality and timeless design, there is so much research and in-depth focus on who develops our product to give true luxury that doesn’t scream attention."

HBA: How important is sustainability in the future of style?

GH: "It is the most important aspect. Who cares who has the biggest fashion company if we do not protect our environment.  I don't want to negatively contribute to what is happening and hopefully it can be for the positive."

Gabriela Hearst is available at Boutique 1