How To Recreate Margot Robbie And Saoirse Ronan's Blunt Oscars Bobs

BY Sarah Garden / Mar 6 2018 / 13:49 PM

Give the classic look an update

How To Recreate Margot Robbie And Saoirse Ronan's Blunt Oscars Bobs

There's no place to debut a fresh haircut quite like the Oscars, and this year many A-listers opted for the bob. Margot Robbie and Saoirse Ronan went for blunt crops, while Greta Gerwig went even shorter, softening up the look with loose waves.

"In general, bobs are a very simple haircut and one that can be tailored to suit a multitude of face shapes," says Natalie Kasses, creative director of Pastels Salon. "Bobs are the style of choice at the moment as they are super easy to manage and so sassy and versatile. Margot Robbie and Saoirse Ronan proved this at the Academy Awards, debuting two different versions of the signature classic cut."

Here are Natalie's tips on how to pull off different versions of the look.

Margot Robbie:
"As you can see with Margot she has a very undone 1920’s-inspired look, with a bend rather than a curl, which brings it up-to-date and makes it super stylish.
"Prior to styling the hair, the stylist would have used some product to protect the hair from the heat of the blowdryer and then once dry, a tong with a large-sized barrel would have been used to create the bend in the hair, with finishing product used to keep the bend in place. Once the tonging was done, the hair was brushed out quite a bit to make it look very modern and give some light movement."

Saoirse Ronan:
"This is a very blunt bob with a bit of texturing in the back. It has been styled very simply with a straightening iron to keep it super sleek. Given the beautiful shine, a product such as a serum has been used to finish the look."