Susanne Kaufmann Reveals 11 Lifestyle Changes You Need To Make For Perfect Skin

BY Sarah Garden / Dec 20 2017 / 18:40 PM

... and they're surprisingly easy

Susanne Kaufmann Reveals 11 Lifestyle Changes You Need To Make For Perfect Skin

If you’re into skincare, you’ll know about Susanne Kaufmann. She’s grown a small cult following from Austria into a brand that’s loved all over the world.

The eponymous line of products came from the need for something natural and luxurious when the spa at her hotel underwent renovations in 2003, starting with a not-so-small range of 24 products. There are now over 90 across the skin and bodycare lines, available exclusively in Dubai though Ounass.

“It’s not only about the products,” she explained to Bazaar over breakfast. “If people have problems I ask them, ‘What do you eat? Where do you live? How much stress do you have? How many flights do you take?’ All this together helps me to see how much they have to change about their lifestyle as well as using the products.”

With that in mind, we got all her insider tips to ensure you have picture-perfect skin - no filter needed.

Eat more fruit
"Fruit is great for the skin. The lychee, for example, is good for detoxifying skin. In the winter, if my skin is dry, I have a pear every day, because that’s the best food for inner moisturising that you can have. Red berries – everything that’s red! – is very good for fighting against free radicals."

Cut down on sugar
"There are people who have sugar in the morning, lunch and evening, and that’s really bad for your skin. Also, try to opt for fresh food rather than pre-packaged food. What you eat every day is what feeds the cells!"

Get regular facials
"[People with problem skin] should go every week or every two weeks to see a therapist. For example, my son has facials at least twice a month because he has [problem skin]."

Susanne Kaufmann

Get your pH level right
"You will find alkaline power in the pharmacy. Put one spoonful in water and drink it. I have a glass of alkaline water every morning."

"Everybody, even those with oily skin, should moisturise. If you stop moisturising, the skin actually produces more and more oil."

Use quality make-up…
"I love make-up free days, but make-up can also be a protection… like a screen from the sun and pollution. So in cities, I don’t feel that make-up is that bad. You have to make sure that you’re using the right mineral make-up, and not products that are full of chemicals."

Susanne Kaufmann

Cleanse properly
"One of the top skin mistakes that I see is people not cleansing properly. It’s not just removing make-up, it’s dirt and pollution too."

Drink enough water
"You can either just drink water or have green tea. You should leave a green tea bag in hot water for at least seven minutes to get the most out of it. This will also help to moisturise your skin."

Susanne Kaufmann is now stocked at Dubai-based website Ounass.