Why Your Mascara Keeps Sliding And Smudging Under Your Eyes

BY Chloe Metzger / Dec 18 2017 / 19:55 PM

Surprise: It's very easy to prevent and fix

Why Your Mascara Keeps Sliding And Smudging Under Your Eyes
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Raise your hand if you've ever felt personally victimised by your mascara. Ok, every single make-up-wearing human in the world can put their hands down, because we've all been there. Faint black streaks on your upper lids from blinking? Have to wipe away black smudges from beneath your eyes at the end of the day?

Forget blaming your 'weird eyelids' or your 'bad mascara'. You can easily prevent it from happening — all it takes is a few extra seconds each morning. Keep reading to find out how (and why), below.

Not on your whole face, but if you have a tendency to slather your moisturiser all over your skin, including the eyelids, you're basically creating the perfect smudging ground for your mascara, especially as your skin heats up and your eyelashes tap against your tacky lids every few seconds. And that goes for your cream-based eyeshadows, too—skip them and opt for powders, instead.

Sorry, but your lids may just be a bit oilier than the rest of your face (yes, even if your complexion is drier than the Sahara). And because oil inherently melts and dissolves the bonds in make-up — including your mascara — you need to soak up any and all excess oil at the start of your make-up routine.
The best trick? After cleansing and moisturising, take a powder-laced blotting sheet (specifically the Palladio Rice Papers) and gently press it over the eyelids and under-eyes to completely mattify, then, for good measure, do one more pass with the paper after applying any liner and eyeshadow, just in case any residual oils from your brushes or beauty blender make their way onto your lids.

Eye primers seem so extra, but if you're not already using a face primer that you can easily blend up and over your eyes at the same time, then it's worth taking the extra 20 seconds to dab on a designated eye primer, instead, like the cult-favourite Urban Decay Primer Potion or the high street favourite E.l.f. Shadow Lock, to mattify your lids. Not only will it keep your shadows and liners from creasing and sliding, but it'll also help prevent your mascara from leaving marks after a few hours.

Unless you're in the thick of wedding season, avoid using water-resistant mascaras, solely because they can be both difficult to remove and super drying on your lashes (all of which can cause lash loss and damage over time). However, if you've already meticulously powdered, blotted, primed your lids, and also tested a different mascara formula, and you're still dealing with smudging, try switching to a waterproof formula, instead.

To avoid lash damage you can help mitigate the drying effects by swiping on a conditioning lash primer first, like Lancôme's Cils Booster XL, before using your waterproof mascara. And make sure to invest in the best of the best formulas, like MAC In Extreme Dimension Waterproof Mascara.

Now go forth and live your life smudge free.

Via Harper's Bazaar UK