INTERVIEW: 8 Questions With Huishan Zhang

BY Sarah Garden / Dec 20 2017 / 17:28 PM

"I’ve learnt the women in Dubai are fearless in their clothing choices"

INTERVIEW: 8 Questions With Huishan Zhang
Huishan Zhang

Huishan Zhang recently launched his Resort 2018 collection in Dubai. During his trip to the UAE, Bazaar caught up with him for a quick chat about fashion, travel and must-pack items.

HB: What kind of woman did you have in mind when designing your Resort 2018 collection? 
HZ: The Huishan Zhang women is confident, cultured and open-minded to fashion – she appreciates craftsmanship and does not follow trends. The Resort 2018 collection encompasses every aspect of her day; it’s playful and feminine, yet daring and sophisticated.

HB: You’ve played with a lot of different textures and colours. How important is it for you to have fun with fashion?
HZ: Very important! The clothes I design are meant to be enjoyed, I want my client to feel the way I do when designing. It’s a very special thing to be able to take your language and translate it into something different.

HB: Why do you think the pieces in your Resort 2018 collection will be popular with women in the Middle East?
HZ: There are some special pieces in the Resort 2018 collection. Etoile have picked a couple of my favourites, the Chocolat Coat and the Beau Gown. These pieces in particular are for a confident women, not afraid to take risks. After having the opportunity to meet some of my customers during my trip, I’ve learnt the women in Dubai are fearless in their clothing choices, so I’m excited to see what they think!

HUishan Zhang

HB: What inspires you to be creative?
HZ: Everything! From a film or an exhibition I’ve seen, someone I’ve met, or a city I’ve visited – I take inspiration from all areas of life. 

HB: Where’s your favourite place to travel to when you want to unwind?
HZ: When I can find the time, I love to travel around Europe. There is such a variety of culture, people, delicious food and some wonderful exhibitions.

HB: If you could only pack five things in your hand luggage, what would you take with you?
HZ: My iPhone, my cashmere eye mask, a sketchbook, my iPad and a lucky charm.

HB: Describe yourself in 3 words?
HZ: Right at this moment I’d say, happy, productive and discombobulated – I’ve travelled through 5 different times zones in the last 2 days!

HB: What was the last text message (or WhatsApp!) that you sent?
HZ: A view of Dubai to the team in London!

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