10 Engagement Ring Trends To Obsess Over In 2020

BY Harper's BAZAAR Australia / Oct 15 2019 / 15:12 PM

From cuts to colours

Although engagement rings certainly are more of a special and everlasting commitment over your run-of-the-mill investment purchase, they're still subject to trends.

From the fall and rise of certain stone colours and setting switches, our rocks have gone through as many fashionable ebbs and flows as our wardrobe.
So, if you're eyeing off an engagement in 2020—whether or not your partner is aware...—it can be useful to know what is on trend.

To sort the passé from the du jour in the world of engagement rings, we tasked Australian jeweller Matthew Ely on the stones, settings, cuts and halos that we'll be seeing in 2020.

Below, the definitive guide to what's in and what's out.

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Geometric halos

Although the traditional halo remains eternally classic, 2020 will see brides embrace slight variations on the theme. "We are finding the halo is fairly consistent and clients are quite happy to mix it up with other shaped diamonds to give the ring a slightly more adventurous design," says Ely.

One especially adventurous design is the geometric halo, incorporating square- and emerald-cut stones around the edge for a more structural take.

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Floral halo

Another adventurous halo you'll be seeing? A floral take. Inspired royal engagement rings, round-, marquise- and pear-cut stones make for a lovely petal-esque halo around a central diamond.

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Hidden halos

After Hailey Bieber posted an extreme-closeup of her engagement ring, revealing it actually has a hidden set of diamonds embedded into the basket of the ring, we're predicting this secret halo style will gain momentum, as it adds another layer of depth without detracting from the centre stone.

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Pastel stones

Will 2020 see traditional non-diamond stones like rubies, emeralds and sapphires make way for more pastel takes, like Morganite, Tourmaline and teal sapphires? Ely thinks so.

"Coloured gemstones are still quite popular. However there has been a shift from rubies, pink and blue sapphires and parti sapphires towards a more pastel coloured gemstone. Morganites have gained a lot more popularity as they are heavily featured on social media. Morganites belong to the Beryl family which feature other well known gemstones such as aquamarines and emeralds. Tourmalines are also quite popular as they are found in an array of colours leaving the customer spoilt for choice. Sapphires are a constant choice but the coming trend is towards the teal coloured sapphire."

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If an off-the-shelf ring isn't for you, 2020 will be the perfect time to embrace a custom ring. Jewellers are now embracing a personalised experience, that includes more flexibility in design and one-on-one sessions. "Custom makes are a great way for our clients to be a part of the experience where they they can add their own personal touch through the design process," says Ely.

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If celebrity inspiration is your thing, oval-cuts will be on your radar. After a slew of star proposals, this traditional cut has cemented its position as the most popular style in Hollywood.

"Oval diamonds are an elegant choice for brides who want something unique and contemporary for their engagement ring. As one of the most popular styles of 2019, this shape will continue to be a favourite, as it suits most hand shapes."

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It's no surprise to learn that emerald-cuts won't be going anywhere in 2020. "A renowned Art Deco inspired choice for diamond shape, emerald-cut is a timeless choice for contemporary brides who wish to have a clean-lined, classic ring. The emerald shape is very popular, whereas in the past princess- and radiant-cut have been more so."

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Another shape that will continue its reign is the pear-cut. "Pear diamonds are increasing in popularity due to their exceptional shape that can showcase the individual style and personality of the wearer. Pear shape also has a large spread, which means that a two-carat will appear larger than a two-carat in a cushion-cut, which can be quite deep in its cut," advises Ely.

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After falling out of the bridal consciousness for a few years, the round-cut will be back in force for 2020, says Ely. "We definitely saw that 2019 saw the round diamond regain popularity and I foresee that this will continue on into 2020. The round diamond has longevity and is a classical style, and we work with clients to design something really unique, such as a halo made out of fancy shape marquise and pear diamonds or finer details underneath the stone.

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From Harper's Bazaar Australia