Negin Mirsalehi: “I’ve Always Been Interested In How Non-Western Cultures Contribute To The Global Fashion Scene”

BY HARPER'S BAZAAR ARABIA / Nov 1 2016 / 16:24 PM

The Persian-Dutch entrepreneur is our November cover star

Negin Mirsalehi: “I’ve Always Been Interested In How Non-Western Cultures Contribute To The Global Fashion Scene”
Negin Mirsalehi: “I’ve Always Been Interested In How Non-Western Cultures Contribute To The Global Fashion Scene”
Silja Magg
Coat, Dhs38,000, boots, Dhs6,200, earrings, Dhs2,700, belt, Dhs3,500; all Dior

With 3.5 million Instagram followers and rock-solid relationships with some of the world's top fashion and fine jewellery houses such as Dior, 27-year-old entrepreneur Negin Mirsalehi is a force to be reckoned with. 

The Dutch-Persian blogger is our November issue cover star, and opens up to Bazaar about her passion for beekeeping (no, really), her thoughts on the Middle Eastern fashion scene, and how she keeps her hair looking photoshoot ready at all times. 

Top, Dhs12,000, skirt, Dhs4,500, necklace, Dhs8,600, boots, Dhs6,700; all Dior


“Beekeeping has been in my family for six generations, and my father established his own hives here over thirty years ago when my parents moved to the Netherlands from Iran. When it’s bee season, I love spending time here with my father helping him maintain the hives and harvesting the honey."


“I’ve studied Jobs’ career and there is a lot of wisdom in what he has to say about taking risks and focusing on long term goals.”

Cotton tweed coat, Dhs21,000, wool knit dress, Dhs4,700, both Dior


“That show gave me my first glimpse into a world that I wanted to be a part of, and one of my favorite episodes was when Carrie Bradshaw walks into her suite at the Plaza Athénée and is overjoyed to see the Eiffel Tower from her window.”


“I’ve always been curious about different people and cultures, which often inspires the way I dress. Travel feeds my imagination and I feel very lucky to be able to visit these amazing places... Maybe it’s my Persian background, but I’ve always been interested in how non-western cultures are contributing to the global fashion scene in places such as Beirut and Tokyo.”

Jacket, Dhs12,000, Dress, Dhs17,500, necklace, Dhs8,600, boots, Dhs6,700; all Dior


 “I have very fond memories of that trip and it was amazing to reconnect with my extended family who were so warm and inviting. What I remember the most is how diverse Iran was from its culturally rich cities such as Tehran, to lush green forests with tall pine trees and ski resorts nestled amongst snow capped mountains...”

“When I look at pictures in family albums, I get the sense that the women one would see in downtown Tehran were as chic as their counterparts in New York or Paris.”

Top, Dhs4,000, peplum, Dhs4,700, trousers, Dhs6,000, boots, Dhs6,700, earrings, Dhs2,620, necklace, Dhs8,600; all Dior


“I have a lot of Lebanese friends who’ve told me about Beirut’s amazing combination of style and history, and I’m looking forward to discovering its beautiful beaches and mountain villages."


“Long healthy hair has always been a sign of beauty within Persian and Middle Eastern cultures, and while my mother was training as a hairdresser she was unimpressed with the beauty products available back then, so she began to experiment with honey from my father’s hives, which has always been an important ingredient in Persian beauty rituals... My mother is the only person I will allow to touch my hair, and I’ve been using her honey infused hair oil on a daily basis for almost fifteen years. What I love about it is that it’s a multi purpose product that can be used before styling after washing my hair, after styling as a finishing product, and for the ultimate indulgence I mix it with a hair mask once a week.”

Dress, Dhs61,000, earrings, Dhs2,700; both Dior

Read the full interview in the November issue of Harper's Bazaar Arabia, available on iPad and in-store now, and keep an eye out for our exclusive video with Negin, on site soon. 

Coat, Dhs38,000, boots, Dhs6,200, earrings, Dhs2,700, all Dior

Fashion from Dior Cruise 2017. Prices approximate. Make-up: Mary Jane Frost at Jed Root. Hair: Adrian Clark at The Wall Group. Photographers assistant: Magnus Andersen. With thanks to: Claridges Hotel, London -