5 Minutes With: Aquazzura Founder Edgardo Osorio

BY Harper's Bazaar Arabia / May 28 2017 / 15:38 PM

Bazaar catches up with the in-demand designer at Level Shoes in Dubai

5 Minutes With: Aquazzura Founder Edgardo Osorio

From A-list celebrities to style influencers and members of the royal family, Edgardo Osorio has built an impressive footwear fan base with his label, Aquazzura. In Dubai on a work visit, Bazaar caught up with the charismatic designer for a quick tête-à-tête at Level Shoes to talk all things fashion, style and travel... 

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The designer in Cannes with some of his celebrity clients

Harper's Bazaar Arabia: When did you start dreaming about creating a shoe line?

Edgardo Osorio: "Since I was a little boy, it was something I knew I always wanted to but but I wanted to have the knowledge and the experience to do it properly. I worked for many different brands for a number of years but felt that I was ready to launch on my own five years ago and haven't looked back."

HBA: What was the appeal of accessories?

EO: "For me, shoes change the way you look, stand and walk and they really punctuate an outfit. It's one of the most important part of your wardrobe. My mother had four sisters who were always show shopping, it was their obsession so I grew up around the need for great shoes."

HBA: Why did you decide to name your brand Aquazzura?

EO: "I was in Capri and I wanted a name that reminded me of summer and the ocean. Aquazzura means blue water in Italian and seeing that blue is my favourite colour, it was a perfect fit. It's very Dolce Vita."

HBA: What is the meaning behind the gold pineapple on every shoe?

EO: "Pineapples, especially gold ones, are symbols of good fortune. Essentially, they are lucky charms so I thought that having this symbol on the bottom of your feet every day would be a perfect addition."

HBA: What's your design process?

EO: "It starts with travelling, when I get back I sketch and create my moodboards with my team and we build the ideas from there." 

HBA: You've created a few exclusives for Level Shoes, were these directly inspired by Middle Eastern women?

EO: "We usually create with a function in mind so our bridal collection was made specifically for the Level Shoes customer, regional style does inspire us so we make sure to have pieces in each collection with this customer in mind.They have such an international clientele in Dubai, it's always interesting to try out new concepts here first."

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