Nicky Zimmermann's Guide To Packing The Ultimate Holiday Wardrobe

Nicky Zimmermann
"Don't pack light - life's too short to worry about being efficient"

As the designer behind one of the world's most successful resortwear brands, it's safe to say that Nicky Zimmermann knows a thing or two about putting together a stylish holiday wardrobe. Since launching her eponymous label with sister Simone in 1991, Zimmermann's designs have been seen on some of the world's most beautiful women (Margot Robbie, Beyoncé, Blake Lively, Emma Roberts, Olivia Munn) who can't get enough of the Australian brand's pretty summer dresses and flattering swimwear. Today, the brand has standalone stores in Australia and a flagship in London, as well as a new boutique capturing holidaymakers in St Tropez, proving that the appetite for high-quality (and Instagrammable) vacation wear is going nowhere anytime soon. This is a brand that means - and is in - business.

Below, Nicky shares her advice for packing (properly). You might want to pay attention...

1. Forget about trying to pack light
"I don’t pack light - so my first tip is to pack however you want to pack, so you’re happy when you're on holiday and have options. Life’s too short to worry about being efficient."


2. But be considerate about what you take
"That said, I recommend taking time before you travel to try on different looks for specific events. When I was preparing for my trip to St Tropez, where we just opened a new store, I played a lot with mixing and matching accessories to see how things could work together. It just helps edit out the odd pieces that you know you always end up never wearing when you’re away."

3. Accessories are a good way to change up an outfit
"You can never have too many accessories: hats, jewellery, shoes."


4. Think about how you pack as much as what you pack
"I’m a roller, not a folder - or, actually, more specifically, a hybrid roller-folder. One fold of the garment in half, then roll tight, and then I layer up level by level. Like a luggage cake! I leave a square in the middle for my cosmetic bag on the top."

5. Give yourself swimwear options
"With swimwear I take a minimum of five options with me regardless of how long I’m going away for. I also like to have a mix; something I can be more active in, something a bit more fun and frivolous. Just options that let you change it up depending on the plan for your day and your mood."


6. If in doubt, pack a white dress
"I love to have a few white dresses for summer holidays. In our current swim collection we have lots of embroidered and lace-insert detailed pieces that I love. If dresses aren't your thing, make sure to pack beautiful white separates. It's a great look especially for day."


7. Find the brands you love and stick to them
"This year I have packed a few simple shirts from Xirena which I find really versatile - I can wear them with a floral skirt. I have them in white, khaki and a blue pinstripe. This summer I’m also taking a new Gucci woven straw bag with me that I absolutely love."

8. Don't forget your sun care products
"Sun care products are so important. I have La Roche-Posay tinted moisturiser with SPF50 which I put on every day. The lip balm I have with me always. There’s also a 50+ protective oil which gives you that summer sun-kissed feeling."

From Harper's Bazaar UK


Nicky Zimmermann