Beauty Alchemy: Colour-Changing Cosmetics Have Arrived

BY Samantha Hamilton Rushforth And Alexandra Venison / Mar 19 2017 / 22:05 PM

And you can now get one of them in Dubai...

Beauty Alchemy: Colour-Changing Cosmetics Have Arrived

In the last five years, a marriage between beauty and technology has created everything from hyper-accelerated anti-ageing ingredients to dermatologist approved apps that can diagnose your skincare needs via a screen. Now, one of the final beauty frontiers - custom responsive cosmetics - has finally been overcome with two colour-changing cosmetic products hitting the market this year. Bazaar investigates how environment-adaptive pigments will have an effect on your future beauty routine

The Nail Files

Evo by BioSculpture - the world's leading breathable gel nail polish - have taken the concept of colour-adaptive cosmetics are created a long-lasting, chip-proof nail formula that changes colour based on the wearer's surroundings. Fading from one shade to another as your hands are either hot or cold, the polish offers an instant coat of pigmented colour in a high-shine finish. The best part of the formula? It actually leaves your nails healthier and stronger. 

Manicure now available in Dubai at The Nail Spa starting at Dhs150

Video shot using Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Dye Hard 

A concept created by Lauren Bowker, owner of fashion and lifestyle company The Unseen, hair dye that changes colour depending on the temperature of the surroundings is now a possibility. Named FIRE, the hair dye, which is semi-permenant is available in multiple colour ranges from bright red to more subtle colours and lasts over a few weeks depending on the frequency of how often you wash your hair. 

Colour Changing Cosmetics

Designed to directly respond to temperature fluctuations, the process used to create the dye was inspired by thermoregulation in the human skin and the colour change chemical reaction occurs in response to a certain stimuli - in this case, changes in the environment. When the temperature drops or rises, it's the unique carbon-based molecules in the product that undergo a reversible reaction, changing the surface shade from one colour to another as if by magic.

Colour Changing Hair Dye

Above a certain temperature change, one of the molecules in the carbon bond is more stable than the other, and so a reaction produces a molecule with a slightly different absorption of light, thus creating a different colour - this process is adaptable for different shades, meaning FIRE's red-to-black fade is just the beginning for colour-changing hair innovations. As of yet the formula is not available to purchase for consumer use but will be on shelves in the not-too-distant future. Watch this space.