Art Meets Tech: Introducing The Frame

BY Anna Brady / Mar 20 2017 / 20:12 PM

Fed up with an ugly television ruining your walls? There's now a TV that turns into an artwork of your choice...

Art Meets Tech: Introducing The Frame

How many times have you walked into a beautiful living room blighted by an unsightly widescreen television. Admittedly, they divide opinion; casting huge generalisations, it is the male of the species who considers them things of beauty, while the average female sees them as an eyesore. 

So Samsung have launched The Frame, its newest innovation which they say is designed “with an artful approach meant to elevate any room or viewing environment.” When ‘Art Mode’ is on, it looks like a picture frame hanging on the wall so when the TV is off, instead of turning black, the owner can select a digitally designed art piece to fill the screen. This is art as camouflage. You can select from more than 100 art pieces, including landscapes, wildlife, drawings, architecture and more, to suit your decorating scheme or simply your whim. You can customise it too, with an optional studio stand, and, to avoid those nasty cables and wires, it’s fitted with Samsung’s new Invisible Connection and No Gap Wall-mount. 

All this echoes an ever growing relationship between art and tech. This week at Art Basel Hong Kong, a high profile contemporary art fair, Art Basel unveils the fruits of its new collaboration with Google Arts & Culture. Titled Virtual Frontiers: Artists experimenting with Tilt Brush, this is an exhibition of five new virtual reality artworks created by the artists boychild, Cao Fei, Robin Rhode, Sun Xun and Yang Yongliang using Google’s Tilt Brush, a 3D drawing and painting application, during residencies in Beijing and Paris.

The Frame TV will launch in late 2017.