Instagram Introduces Live Videos

BY Maddison Glendinning / Nov 22 2016 / 15:45 PM

The latest addition to the app means you can be more connected than ever before

Instagram Introduces Live Videos

Instagram has made some pretty massive changes to the app over the past few months, including introducing a brand new in-app shopping function as well as an anonymous report button that allows family and friends to discreetly offer help to someone they think might need support. 

Today the app announced the launch of 'Live Stories' which allows users to live-stream content on their Instagram Stories. The video feed is streamed to your followers (you can film for up to an hour) and deletes once you stop recording. 

Your followers can view the live-stream in the same way they would see your Story, and all you have to do to get online is hit the "Start Live Video" button. As with all content on the app currently, the video can be sent to directly to your friends and followers.

The function is being introduced globally over the next few weeks, if yours hasn't yet updated, you can watch some of the highlighted streams by clicking on the Explore tab. 

It's showtime, people.