Salvatore Ferragamo Launches Virtual Trivia On Instagram and Facebook

BY Sarah Joseph / Mar 26 2020 / 15:05 PM

To help stave off cabin fever Salvatore Ferragamo is rolling out TRIVIA, a digital project with the intention of sharing messages of determination and inventiveness, to name a few

Salvatore Ferragamo Launches Virtual Trivia On Instagram and Facebook

Salvatore Ferragamo, has formed an admirable luxury empire and his legacy continues to thrive even today. A recently launched digital project known as TRIVIA, transcends physical barriers to tell stories through social channels, Instagram and Facebook. Everyone is invited to celebrate the Ferragamo community and rediscover the brand with a message of hope expressed in a new narrative form, a game, so that everyone can feel part of this story.

The TRIVIA consists of quizzes, anecdotes, iconic products, an insight into the interesting past of the brand and the most significant moments from the Founder’s life.

The adventure of the man and entrepreneur Salvatore Ferragamo can be linked to a fairy tale, full of successes and difficulties. Retracing the founder’s steps his life is a blend of various components such as character, determination, instinct, genius, inventiveness, curiosity, and, not least, an incredible intuition - and can be all relived through this digital getaway.

The trivia in 5 episodes has been scheduled in on Wednesday and Saturday, until April 4th. You can now tune in and play #FerragamoTrivia on the stories of their official Instagram.

The historical documents and original shoes created by Salvatore Ferragamo are now preserved in the Archive of the Company and enhanced in annual exhibition projects by the Salvatore Ferragamo Museo in Florence.

As we all stay at home and practice social distancing during the recent pandemic, it is essential we keep ourselves occupied and the launch of the TRIVIA is a new method to do so.

Images supplied by Brand/Salvatoreferragamo