Dior’s Latest Show Is All About Female Empowerment

BY Krishna Sunilkumar / Feb 26 2020 / 16:39 PM

Feminism and diversity are the focal point of the inaugural collection

Dior’s Latest Show Is All About Female Empowerment

Christian Dior is always committed to making a statement, and this year that statement is: feminism. The French fashion giant kicked off Paris Fashion Week with a new collection from none other than their creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri. With neon signs emblazoned with slogans like ‘Consent’ and ‘Women raise the upraising’, the theme of Chiuri’s latest collection was clearly aligned with women’s empowerment. The silhouettes reflected her interest in 70s chic and showcased the comeback of schoolgirl plaid.

This is not the first time Dior has used fashion to get a message across. The elegant ensemble that they created for actress Natalie Portman caused a stir at the Oscars – the cape featured the names of all the female directors who had not been nominated for the Academy Awards.

In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein verdict and the enduring impact of the #MeToo movement, it seems inevitable that fashion will be part of social change. With Chiuri at the helm, Dior looks committed to the cause. Equally positive is their commitment to diversity; among the models that walked the runway was rising star Nora Attal, who is of Moroccan origin.

nora attal

Nora Attal 

Images courtesy of Instagram/Dior and Instagram/NoraAttal