Amal Clooney Officially Endorses The Monochrome Trend

BY Sara Tardiff / Nov 12 2018 / 16:22 PM

She takes this Kardashian-approved sartorial move and gives it a chic upgrade

Amal Clooney Officially Endorses The Monochrome Trend
Splash News

Anything we can do, Amal Clooney can do better (just kidding...kind of?). The Lebanese-British human rights lawyer was spotted in NYC testing out one of the season's most prolific trends: the monochrome look. She opted for a grey-on-grey ensemble, giving the Kardashian tried-and-true sartorial choice — usually in a neon pink or Yeezy-inspired "nude" — a chic upgrade.

Although this is one of our favs, it's hardly the first time Amal has gone the monochrome style route. She's already mastered more vibrant renditions, like her all-yellow look at the Royal Wedding. This time, however, she really leaned into cosy winter vibes.

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