British Fashion Council Launches Institute of Positive Fashion

BY Harper's BAZAAR Arabia / Sep 10 2019 / 17:41 PM

The British Fashion Council (BFC) has announced on Tuesday 10th September 2019, its intention to launch the Institute of Positive Fashion (IPF).

British Fashion Council Launches Institute of Positive Fashion
Image: Instagram/BritishFashionCouncil

Recognizing the urgent need for industry-wide cooperation to help set industry standards in a new way, embrace innovation, and encourage leaders to develop green businesses fit for the future and enact positive change.

Through the Institute of Positive Fashion (IPF), the British Fashion Coucil (BFC) aims to create an industry-wide blueprint by bringing together expertise from different areas to help brands in the industry navigate an often confusing topic, thus kick-starting a much-needed comprehensive step-change. Informed by research, expert opinion, industry insights and the significant industry experience of individual businesses and organisations, the power of collective effort will increase independent activity.

Leveraging global platforms such as London Fashion Week and The Fashion Awards, and international organisations such as the G7 Fashion Pact, the BFC hopes to reach international audiences and empower and educate them to be part of the Positive Fashion movement.  Education will be key to galvanising best practise standards, and by creating progressive programmes and informative campaigns aimed at both the public and the fashion industry , the Institute of Positive Fashion hopes to accelerate progress made in all areas.

To coincide with London Fashion Week, DHL, in association with the BFC, have commissioned a White Paper highlighting the importance of sustainability in the fashion industry. The paper provides businesses with easy to follow recommendations ensuring positive fashion remains at the heart of the industry. The White Paper will be launched on the British Fashion Council’s website on Friday 13 September.