Chanel’s Latest Podcast Episode Features One Of Karl Lagerfeld’s Last Interviews

BY Delara Zand / Mar 4 2019 / 13:58 PM

“I have to invent my own world. I have to live in my own world”

Chanel’s Latest Podcast Episode Features One Of Karl Lagerfeld’s Last Interviews

During Karl Lagerfeld’s tenure at Chanel, the global luxury label was almost synonymous with the iconic Creative Director. Even after his passing, his legacy and influence lives on and the fashion house’s latest podcast series is a poignant reminder of that.

The 3.55 podcast was launched by Chanel last April, documenting the brand’s relationships with the people closest and most integral to its identity. This new podcast chapter goes behind the scenes at Chanel’s Métiers d’art collection at New York Fashion Week back in December and each episode is dedicated to a different friend of the brand, including Bruno Pavlovsky, Amanda Harlech, Pharrell Williams, and, of course, the brand’s late artistic director, Karl Lagerfeld.

The first episode features Monocle’s Tyler Brûlé in conversation with Lagerfeld himself. The exclusive interview, giving an intimate look into the late designer’s last months, took place mere hours before Chanel’s show at the Met, with Lagerfeld being his usual witty and wise self.

The two touch on a range of topics, including modern craftsmanship and French artistry, the death of imagination in the digital era, the EU and global politics in terms of the fashion industry, and so much more. We also learn about his beloved cat Choupette’s taste for private jets, which, is somehow very unsurprising.

He also gives some of his final commentaries on Chanel, the brand that brought him to international stardom, and what differentiates it from other fashion houses. Lagerfeld says, “Never compare, never compete…but [what’s different is] the past of Chanel and the present of me.” He also reveals the secret to his success, which he claims is knowing how to improvise, combined with the fact of “never [being] satisfied”.


When Brûlé comments on what a luxury it is to love one’s job in the way the Creative Director did, he replies in signature Lagerfeld style, “Well, we are in the luxuries business, darling.”

While we wait for the last collection Lagerfeld designed for Chanel to be unveiled at Paris Fashion Week, have a listen to the full episode here

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