Louis Vuitton May Open A Factory In The US Because Of Donald Trump

BY Samantha Hamilton Rushforth / Jun 27 2017 / 16:24 PM

The LVMH-owned label is on course to expand its production facilities

Louis Vuitton May Open A Factory In The US Because Of Donald Trump

"It’s being negotiated," was all Chief Executive Officer Michael Burke told Bloomberg News when asked about the rumors of a production chain for the luxury label in the US. Commenting on the expansion at Louis Vuitton’s show during Paris Men’s Fashion Week, the executive declined to give further details although many people have speculated that the move is in-line with the label's growth targets. 

The expansion will also include adding another production outlet in France and growing their factory in Portugal, a good sign considering many luxury labels have had to cut staffing and production costs in recent months due to a global economic slump - a pinch, it appears, LVMH have yet to feel after reporting a sales boost of 15% compared to last year, being crowned the world's most valuable luxury brand and launching 24 sevres, their first global multi-brand website. 

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Louis Vuitton Resort 2018 at Miho Museum in Japan

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The idea for an American-based workshop was first discussed in January when the chairman of LVMH, Bernard Arnault visited New York to meet with then president-elect Donald Trump and the suggestion of an outpost in either the Carolinas or Texas was floated. No word yet as to whether this move will impact other areas of the French Maison's sales or marketing strategies but we doubt that even with an increased manufacturing output, you'll still struggle to get your hands on one of their sell-out collaborations.