Marzook Collaborate With Saudi Artist Nughamshi For Ramadan Collection

BY Samantha Hamilton Rushforth / Jun 1 2017 / 21:59 PM

With a limited edition line of calligraphy-painted clutches

Marzook Collaborate With Saudi Artist Nughamshi For Ramadan Collection

Blending the worlds of art and fashion, brothers Fahad and Shouq AlMarzook have collaborated with famed Middle Eastern artist Nughamshi on a capsule collection for their eponymous accessories line, Marzook. The Saudi artist, who is championed for his unique work with calligraphy and signature free form brush techniques has painted bespoke designs on spherical leather bags for the Ramadan release, all of which are limited edition.

The 48 piece collection is named "Shaghaf" which means 'passion' in English and is available in black, white and gold options, with a unique piece of Arabic calligraphy painted in Acrylic on each accessory. Whilst the Bovine leather bags are decorated with splashes of orange and gold, the theme of the collaboration actually revolves around the absence of color with solid black and white backgrounds used as neutral backdrops to perfectly highlight the artist's unique graffiti-like strokes. 

See the artist in action here: 

Showcasing the creative aesthetic of Nughamshi's work and beauty of the Arabic language, this collection is being treated more like an exhibit and will be shown at Marzook Gallery, reflecting the bespoke, unique nature of the collaboration. 

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