Erin & Sara Foster Are #PrettyInfluential

BY Alexandra Venison / Feb 13 2017 / 21:35 PM

Bazaar speaks to this sister duo about their latest venture in the world of fame and now fashion

Erin & Sara Foster Are #PrettyInfluential

If you haven’t spent an evening binge-watching Erin and Sara Foster in their hit mock reality TV show Barley Famous, then you really need to catch up. The daughters of Grammy-winning producer David Foster and related to the Hadids and Jenners, the duo are famed for highlighting the absurdity of the world of reality TV whilst appearing in their very own show. Insisting their normality whilst also trying to make it big, the series features a whole host of cameos from their famous friends as the sisters show a tongue-in-cheek look into their world.

Taking the next step in their climb to fame, the sisters headed to New York Fashion Week in association with The Outnet to delve into the world of influencers. Playing caricatures of stereotypes in the industry the sister’s look at a whole host of different scenarios that happen within the industry. From looking to building up their followers with the help of other industry insiders, to rocking matching outfits to be snapped by the street style photographers the girls are #PrettyInfluential.

How did you come up with the concept behind Pretty Influential?

Sara and I create a lot of content that pokes fun at different elements of pop culture, and we always portray girls who have a bit of an unrealistic view of themselves. Once we started it on Barely Famous, other outlets started hiring us to bring that brand of comedy to other categories. So, the idea really came from The Outnet.Com and when they pitched it to us we knew it was something we could make our own and we loved the idea of poking fun at ourselves during fashion week.

How does the series based in Los Angeles translate to NYFW?

LA and NYFW both have a hierarchy that people live by. The fashion version is even funnier actually because it’s based on clothes instead of a body of work someone has done, like acting credits. We were shocked at seeing photographers tripping over themselves to get a shot of someone we couldn't recognise. It was so great for our content. 

How do you come up with the scenarios shown in the series? 

We all agreed on some main categories to joke about; social media, trying to be a model and getting discovered, sitting front row… Once we knew the category, we got in there and improvised.

Have you ever personally experienced scenarios that you act out?  

Everything in Barely Famous is based on something we’ve heard about happening to someone, or we can imagine happening. Some of them are based on headlines, and a few are actually based on something that happened to us personally. We take a seed of an idea and then script it out for dramatisation and performance. But yeah, you write what you know. 

What’s the best experience you’ve had when filming?

Filming the #PrettyInfluential series was so fun and surprising. There was a day when a snow storm hit and everyone kept saying, “You can’t work today, and you can’t leave the house!” But, we did work and the snow became the best part of the day because watching two girls from LA, getting all done up to go to a fashion show and then getting out of the car in a snow storm that they aren't prepared for is hilarious. We were freezing, but it was worth it.

And what’s the worst experience you’ve had when filming? 

Most people were totally on board and let us involve them in our fun project, but some people didn’t understand what we were doing and didn’t know how to play along. That’s always awkward because then you have to break character and say, “Sorry, we’re doing a bit where we make fun about going to fashion week?” Then it gets quiet and we just walk away.

What was it like working with The Outnet.Com?

Sara and I got on a plane to NYC not knowing what to expect as we had never have been to fashion week, which was a little nerve-racking. At the end of the first day we looked at each other and were like, “I think this is gonna be really good!” It’s exciting getting to work with a brand that totally gets the joke and is on the same page as you. Everyone on the production team was really great about making sure everything was set up right, so that we could do our jobs. We had the best time.

What is your favourite outfit you wore during the filming?  

Definitely, the Marni striped coat, with the Tibi turtleneck and Alexander Wang cropped flare jeans. 

What is it like working with your sister?

It’s a pretty well-oiled machine at this point. Our work takes us on a lot of adventures and a lot of unknowns, and it’s so nice to get to have your sister with you while you're flying across the country and putting yourself out of your comfort zone. We’ve learned to let things go so much faster than we used to be able to. At the end of the day we want the other to shine and be happy and feel good about the work she is doing, so we both try to support that as much as we can for the other.

What’s next for Pretty Influential? 

I think based on how well it was received and how much fun we had, we would love to do it again!

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