Thinking Of Becoming A Designer? You Can Now Be Mentored By Rami Al Ali

BY Milli Midwood / Apr 4 2018 / 21:12 PM

You could receive an internship at Rami Al Ali’s atelier and the chance to create your own capsule collection for the brand

Thinking Of Becoming A Designer? You Can Now Be Mentored By Rami Al Ali

Couturier Rami Al Ali and Dubai’s fashion university Esmod have joined sartorial teams to offer second year students an exclusive mentorship – with Rami Al Ali himself. 

As part of the second year curriculum at Esmod, the Syrian designer will mentor pupils as they create one design to be submitted at the end of the year. Rami Al Ali will choose his favourite design, and the winning student will receive an internship and the chance to create their own capsule collection at the designer’s atelier. Al Ali will provide the students with the design brief and will guide and support them along the way.

The Rami Al Ali Mentorship Program has been created to help students develop their design skills and creativity and to prepare them for the fashion industry ahead.

''It was an absolute pleasure working with an internationally esteemed fashion school such as Esmod back in 2017, and to come back again this year with an agreement to add "Rami Al Ali Mentorship Program" to second year curriculum," says Rami Al Ali.  "I'm honored to guide and mentor these students who represent the next generation of fashion designers"

Rami Al Ali with Denis Ravizza, the Co-Founder of Polette and Tamara Hostal, founder of Esmod