The 90s Most Popular Shoe Is Making A Comeback

BY Samantha Hamilton Rushforth / Apr 23 2017 / 14:35 PM

Raid your wardrobe for wide-leg jeans and plastic chokers

The 90s Most Popular Shoe Is Making A Comeback

As important to a 90s teen as the Spice Girls and Freddie Prince Junior, Steve Madden's iconic black platforms are set to make a millennial comeback. The foot-slapping sliders that went with everything from flared trousers and a cropped tee to summer dresses and your Prada backpack are attempting to, once again, become a wardrobe staple

Steve Madden Slinky

Expected to ship by July, the soles are available for pre-order from Dhs257 at and aside from a slightly rounder edges and lower height, they look exactly the same. Made with a stretchy upper and black flatform sole, the 'Slinky', as of now, only comes in black but if their popularity matches anywhere near the brand's success 20 years ago, we're certain we can expect a few more colourful updates.