The HermèsMatic Pop-Up Store Is Heading To Dubai

BY Alexandra Venison / Mar 20 2017 / 16:13 PM

Get ready to breath new life into your old Hermès silk scarves

The HermèsMatic Pop-Up Store Is Heading To Dubai

In the world of luxury there is nothing quite like a classic Hermès silk scarf. Known for their superior quality and stunning designs it is no wonder that people across the globe collect them. Styling the scarves in a multitude of ways, the house has come up with a clever way to give them a new lease of life whilst still preserving some of their original glory – the HermèsMatic pop-up store.

Essentially a mini-laundrette the themed out store features orange washing machines and dryers which can transform your old scarves. With every result as unique as its owner, you can choose from either a denim blue or fuchsia pink programme before your silk scarf is dyed in the washing machine and then moves to the dryer with the total process taking 48 hours.

With the process being for free, there’s no excuse not to indulge in a little entrainment where at the end your old scarf is overdyed creating a whole new piece. For those not lucky to own a scarf there will be already dyed pieces at the store to purchase also, that are seriously worth the investment.

Having popped up in a myriad of locations already, Dubai is set to experience the excitement from 13 to 22 April at Place Des Lumieres in City Walk 2. With the region known for extravagant fashion, this is sure to be an experience you won’t want to miss.