These Two Regional Designers Have Teamed Up To Release A Line of Inspirational T-Shirts

BY Naomi Chadderton / Jun 13 2019 / 19:08 PM

Dima Ayad and Nadine Kanso are fashion’s newest dream team

These Two Regional Designers Have Teamed Up To Release A Line of Inspirational T-Shirts

Lebanese designer Dima Ayad gained international recognition with the launch of her iconic ‘You…As Is’ slogan T-shirts earlier this year, spreading a message of self-acceptance and body positivity that was propelled by both social media stars and celebrities. She was basically saying ‘we rule’.

One such personality won over by the collection was acclaimed jewellery designer Nadine Kanso - so much so that she’s decided to team up with Dima to lend her statement calligraphy to five limited edition T-shirts.

Dima Ayad and Nadine Kanso

Stating ‘You…As Is’ in Arabic, the minimalist tees come in black or white, with the slogan imprinted in gold and silver to represent Ayad’s signature metallic hues. What’s more, coming in at just Dhs285, they won’t break the bank either.

Dima Ayad x Nadine Kanso, Dhs285

Talking of her inspiration behind the collection, Dima told Harper’s BAZAAR Arabia: “It was one evening when I was finishing up designing my collection. I was with my stylist and I said, "What if the world was just simple and everybody was just the way they were? Me, as I am. Exhausted, eyebags and all. And YOU, AS IS. And then we headed out immediately to get a t-shirt printed with it and included it in the collection!"

"What sparked the idea of 'YOU... AS IS' was an observation from the amount of people I'd see and engaged with, and our conversations would play out with "you look great", but followed by "I still have a few kilos to lose", or "I need to shape up." It was always about looking forward rather than living in the now; being in the constant mindset of not appreciating yourself as you are now, not feeling like yourself as you are now, feeling like you always have to improve,” she added.

Dima Ayad x Nadine Kanso

“The reality of this is that there is absolutely no need for anybody to not celebrate themselves as they are now. The whole idea behind being yourself in the moment is to enjoy this time as you are now and whatever you want to change or improve on is just a bonus because you, as you are now is enough."


Dima Ayad x Nadine Kanso's limited edition t-shirts retail for Dhs285 and are available to purchase for a limited time only at Facilité, Ground Floor, Building 2, Dubai Design District