This British Designer Has Created Couture Fast Food Packaging

BY Samantha Hamilton Rushforth / Aug 27 2017 / 14:28 PM

In case you needed an excuse to break your diet...

This British Designer Has Created Couture Fast Food Packaging

Step away from the juice cleanse.

British designer Julien Macdonald (Gigi Hadid is a fan) has teamed up with fast food giants McDonald's (no relation, obviously) to create a set of bespoke boxes to promote the brand's new collection of signature burgers in the U.K. 


A far cry from their usual red and yellow motif, the limited edition packaging features crystals and studs pointing towards a black and white McDonalds logo, centered on the lid. 


“I drew inspiration from my fashion creations and iconic embellished red-carpet dresses,” the designer told WWD. “This was translated into a gold, baroque, crystal-encrusted box, which is the perfect packaging for the luxury McDonald’s collection.”

Only 1,000 boxes will be available for purchase across the U.K with residents over 18 being given a chance to sign up for events where they can win one of the cartons. No word as of yet whether the collection will make its way to the UAE but, if you're desperate to get your hands on this limited-edition launch, you can bid for a box next month as the company will host an auction to benefit their house charities. 

We're lovin' it.