Amazon Has Just Released A New Camera That Is Basically Your Own Personal Stylist

BY Maddison Glendinning / May 3 2017 / 15:19 PM

Ah, yes please

Amazon Has Just Released A New Camera That Is Basically Your Own Personal Stylist

At one time or another (even as recently as this morning) we've all found ourselves in the all-too familiar predicament of not knowing if an outfit truly looks good. Sure, you look cute from the front, but is it flattering at the back? And how can you really tell when the over-the-shoulder strain is a none-too-reliable method of checking? Enter the Echo Look, Amazon's latest invention that is set to save the women of the world much sartorial heartache.

Billed as a "smart mirror", the device is a physical version of the website’s existing virtual style assistant Alexa, whereby it takes photos and 360-degree videos of your outfits with a hands-free camera on demand. They can then be saved to the accompanying app so you can revisit your most recent looks - handy for not wearing the same thing twice in one week. Additionally, and perhaps its most interesting feature, the camera can judge your outfit. All you have to do is choose two outfits to compare, and using "machine learning" and "advice from fashion specialists", the device will then tell you which one is the better choice. 

There are concerns surrounding privacy given that it could potentially be used to take pictures of your house when you're not in it. The Verge is poised to undertake a review of the device's hardware once it becomes more widely available. 

The Echo Look is currently being offered only to certain Amazon Prime customers but seeing as it's another step to expand Amazon's presence in fashion retail, we're almost certain it will make its way to the rest of us very soon.