Exclusive: Reemami Reveal Their Spring/Summer 2018 Campaign

BY Milli Midwood / Feb 4 2018 / 19:37 PM

Dubai designer Reema Al Banna of Reemami walks Bazaar through her latest train ride-inspired collection, The Wanderer

Exclusive: Reemami Reveal Their Spring/Summer 2018 Campaign

“The Spring/Summer 2018 collection is about a woman on a journey. It’s a 45-piece collection inspired by a train ride through Europe, where landscapes change from farmlands to sun-drenched medows in the blink of an eye. The story, like the clothes, is whimsical yet intricate.”

“Prints play a big part; the collection starts with plaid pieces and evolves into playful patterns in bright colours that are perfect for summer. There’s a balance of denim and black and white accents throughout.”

“The buckles used throughout depict the seatbelts used when travelling.”

“Some of last season's fabric has been reused and reimagined in new shapes.”

“We’ve introduced more denim this season, particularly the jackets, which were a big hit at Paris Fashion Week."

“This season sees the inception of high-waist wide-legged denim pants with triples belts that can be both fastened and left loose. We’ve played with colour and splashed vibrant shades of red and yellows on various denim pieces throughout the collection.”

“One of my favourite pieces in the collection is the white shirt, which I've named Rhoda, after my mother.”

The Wanderer collection will be available mid-Februrary on Reemami.com