5 Trends We Want To See The Back Of In 2020

BY Rohma Theunissen / Aug 25 2019 / 14:20 PM

Ok, enough with the biker shorts now please

5 Trends We Want To See The Back Of In 2020
Jason Lloyd-Evans

Every year brings with it several micro-trends that go viral. No matter where you look, it seems that every store is selling them and every Insta girl is wearing them. It always begins with a few exceptionally fashion-forward celebrities and influencers interpreting a trend with so much attitude that it makes everyone want a piece of it. Some trends we absolutely love and wish would last forever (barely-there sandals anyone?) whilst others we are just about ready to hastily bid adieu. 

Ahead, five of 2019’s most obsessive trends that we are happy to see fizzle out come the New Year...

Biker Shorts

An unexpected fashion favourite for 2019 has been the revival of the '90s staple: the biker short. Made famous by the likes of the Kardashians and ">Victoria’s Secret models, who paired theirs with heels and blazers, this body-con athleisure trend gained unprecedented momentum. Expect to say goodbye to this body-con fad, which BAZAAR believes should remain firmly in the gym and the gym only, as 2020 brings back one of our all-time favorite staples: the leather pants.

'Dad' Sneakers 

The trend which was introduced in 2018 became one of the most radical and prevalent fashion must-haves in 2019. Although we do not deny its cool factor, truth is, these chunky, colorful sneakers are not flattering in any way. We are excited to see the ultra-feminine, barely-there sandal trend gaining momentum and expect to see it replace the ugly sneaker trend by 2020.

Shell Jewellery 

This influencer-approved boho jewelry trend has held its place for a surprisingly long time and has managed to transform itself into a cross-seasonal statement piece thanks to the likes of Isabel Marant, Etro and Gucci championing the motif within their collections. The viral surfer-inspired trend is already dwindling and is expected to be replaced in 2020 by another under-the-sea themed jewellery trend: unconventional pearls.

Leopard Print 

Whilst animal prints provided a huge inspiration to the 2019 collections, the leopard print was the dominant champion - particularly the slip skirt. You couldn’t step in an elevator without seeing atleast one of these, and we didn’t mind – it was flattering and fashion-forward all at the same time. However, having seen atleast a million of them, we are happy to replace ours with 2020’s new fashion staple: the comfy, voluminous dress.

Logo Mania

Logos were absolutely everywhere on the 2019 runways with the liked of Burberry, Louis Vuitton and Fendi championing this super-loud 90’s trend revival. Whilst we love an emblematic logo, we are happy to see the head-to-toe logo mania take a backseat in 2020 where a more elegant, pared-back fully neutral sans-logo look will dominate.