Farida Khelfa And Christian Louboutin On How To Prepare For Every Fashion Occasion

BY Harper's BAZAAR Arabia / Oct 23 2019 / 17:27 PM

Join the party with Monsieur Christian Louboutin, his friends, his iconic muse Farida Khelfa and... the perfect pair of pumps for any occasion

One Parisian photo studio, a pinch of French irony and countless styles of pumps: this is the setting of the mini-video series dedicated to the renowned French maison to celebrate the one and only red-lacquered iconic sole pumps by Christian Louboutin.

Endless shades and refined materials define the countless styles that can play as game-changers in every woman’s look. From Sunday morning strolls to a glass of grape sipped at sunset in good company or bubbly at an after-party, there is a perfect heel (mini, midi or maxi) for every rendez-vous, to accompany every step of a modern woman’s life.

Put on your dancing shoes

Sometimes, all we need is some quality dancing time with our girlfriends. Think Belle-Epoque vibes, dazzling dresses, the ultimate party shoes and get ready to dance the night away. With beaded fringes shuffling left and right all you need is the right pair of dancing shoes. Cool and comfort come together in Louboutin’s Iriza feminine style. The best part? Its d’Orsay side cut. If you’re in the mood for some fashionable and delicate skin showing, follow Christian’s tip: there’s nothing more sensual than showing the arch of the foot, especially when the rest of it is covered! Classic black lacquered, all-over glitter or abstract designs, there is one for every of your girlfriends. Now play your favourite music and get ready to spend the best night of your life. Let’s get the “perfect pumps” party started…

Photo by Philippe Biancotto

The clock is ticking...

Truth is, being on time just isn’t that easy. Especially when it comes to getting ready for a rendez-vous. We get all perfumed up, perform a few lyrics in the shower, practice some dance moves in front of the mirror, lay in bed in our robe staring at the ceiling hoping for a magic vision picturing the perfect pumps. Once we have that, we try all the shoes in our wardrobe, because we simply cannot make our minds up. And when facts involve choosing between countless options of perfection, well it just gets harder. Ultra-high self-confident stilettos to pair with the perfect little black dress for a fancy night out? Savvy midi heels to match with an equally midi pleated skirt and romantic blouse? Or a timeless and comfortable style to dress up comfy jeans and a sweater? Whatever the chosen one, the pointed toe Kate style guarantees femininity and elegance 24/7.

Photo by Philippe Biancotto

Going out on a date

Do you believe in love at first sight? That special click, that magical moment where two souls simply, naturally and spontaneously choose each other. The time when you realize something makes you better and you feel at your best. When you find it, you realize the two of you were just meant for each other. Oh we surely do, and we’re not talking about a life partner. Or maybe we are, but it has got a different silhouette. When it comes to shoes, love at first sight really exists. But you must get to know a few before you really understand the perfect pumps match. Curvy, scalloped counter and willowy like the Hot-chick stiletto pump in nude rose, maybe the Soval pump to raise the silhouette with aplomb giving a sense of comfort and character, an unexpected leopard print to spice up the ordinary or a fascinating retro type like the Clare style? Once your eyes meet them, you’ll know. Starring: the beauty and “the beast”, legendary top model Farida Khelfa and fluffy ZouZou.

Photo by Philippe Biancotto

Who said heels should only be worn for a fancy evening look? Whether you’re getting ready for a night of “Folie” in the ever-fascinating clubs of the city of lights, a romantic candle-light dinner with a potential new better-half or a working day at the office determined to feel at your very best, pumps are always a good idea. Monochrome lacquer, multi-coloured patterns, precious rhinestones and neon shades create the perfect colour palette to meet the taste of every woman. Mini, midi or maxi heels make up all the options needed to enjoy our favourite shoes all day long, any day of the week. A pair of Louboutin’s pumps are the ultimate “oh là là” accessory to play around with, show off whenever you are in the mood for it and share with your mother or younger sister, because they just look perfect on all of you. What was it again? Oh right, pumps are a girl’s best friend.

Photo by Philippe Biancotto