5 Essential Piercing Aftercare Tips From Maria Tash

BY Lara Bazzoui / Jan 3 2020 / 14:15 PM

The Queen of the 'Curated Ear' gives BAZAAR the lowdown on how to care for your brand new piercing for optimal, speedy recovery

5 Essential Piercing Aftercare Tips From Maria Tash

When it comes to piercings, no one does that better than the experts at Maria Tash. The iconic celebrity piercer and jewellery designer is known for delivering impeccably-positioned piercings which are then matched with spectacular pieces of jewellery to ensure that everything about the piercing is personalized to suit your unique features. The master of the 'Curated Ear' gives BAZAAR the lowdown on how to look after your new piercing to ensure that you have a timal and speedy recovery. 


Hands Off

Do not touch with dirty hands. It is very important not to touch your fresh piercing with dirty fingers. It is easy to transfer bacteria from a door handle, keyboard, or other device into your fresh piercing, so it is important to remember the piercing is a minor wound that might take a few months to fully heal.


Fresh Sheets For The Win

Keep your bedding clean. Pet dander and bacteria can all be transferred from bedding and irritate your fresh piercings so it’s important to keep your bedsheets and, especially pillowcases, clean.


Adopt A Piercing Cleansing Routine

Clean your piercing gently and regularly. I recommend trying to schedule in your cleaning alongside your normal beauty routine, so it becomes a natural occurrence. The best way to clean a piercing is to treat it gently, not torque it, and be very mindful of what touches it. The frequency of cleaning a fresh piercing should be twice per day until fully healed. Over-cleaning can create irritation. I suggest using a mild product such as a sterile wound wash saline.


Let It Breathe

Avoid ointments. Avoid using any heavy ointments or moisturizers all over the jewelry. Let the piercing breathe so it can heal properly.


Patience Is A Virtue

Healing does tend to take anywhere from 1-12 months, so stick with it. Admittedly, this does depend on the type of piercing, but if you’ve had anywhere in your cartilage done, like your conch area, you can expect it to take up to a year to fully recover.