Interview: Karen Adler Shares Her Favourite Jewels With Bazaar

BY Sophie Stevens / Nov 9 2017 / 15:43 PM

Last year Adler celebrated its 130th anniversary and has been represented by Istana Jewellers in the Middle East since the 1980s. At the Istana boutique in Dubai's Four Seasons Jumeirah Beach, Karen talked us through the jewels, why the region remains important to Adler, and where she sees the family business in the future

Interview: Karen Adler Shares Her Favourite Jewels With Bazaar
Courtesy Adler
Interview: Karen Adler Shares Her Favourite Jewels With Bazaar
Courtesy Adler
Adler Diwali Diamond necklace
Interview: Karen Adler Shares Her Favourite Jewels With Bazaar
Courtesy Adler
Adler Arctic Tango sapphire and diamond necklace

HBA: Can you tell us about the latest Adler collections at Istana and what are your favourite pieces?

KA: All the pieces here are special, but my personal highlights include the Diwali collection. As Adler has always been captivated by the world’s great cultures, this festival of light has inspired a subtle and sophisticated union of diamonds and white gold in a harmonious reflection of a Diwali night sky

Diwali diamond earrings by Adler

Meanwhile the Les Singulières jewels use pure lines and delicate, subtle settings to attain perfect harmony with the choice, cut and colour of their gemstones. Simplicity, grace and originality come together to create an exclusive line of rings that one will want to slip on daily.


The colourful Les Singulières rings by Adler

HBA: You’ve been part of the Istana brand portfolio for a while – why do you feel it is important for Adler to have a presence in the Middle East?

KA: We have been working with Danny Mukhi, Managing Director of Istana, since the 1980s and Istana has helped us make the business grow here.

Over the years, the Middle East has become an important market. There is an ancestral culture of jewellery here and the ladies have a discerning eye for beauty. I must say the taste and expertise of the Middle Eastern customers is extremely sophisticated. 

We travel here at least twice a year to show our latest creations to our fans, and of course our high jewellery collection is available upon request for viewing.

Adler-Mandala-Soul-RingA jet and diamond Mandala Soul ring by Adler

HBA:  What particular trends or tastes do you notice in the Middle East?

KA: Many Arab women are real connoisseurs of stones and jewellery. They know precisely what they want, so we get very specific and special orders.

It is a pleasure to work in the Middle East because our customers love and recognise good craftsmanship, they have a long culture in jewellery and pass this knowledge from one generation to the next.


Karen Adler of Adler Jewellery

HBA: You bring professional experience from the entertainment and film industries to the brand – how do you feel these impact your work with Adler?

KA: My experience in the entertainment business has exposed me to commercialisation, in terms of knowing what pleases people and how to sell the desired vision at an international level. Meanwhile producing films has also harnessed my capacity to work in teams and manage egos, big or small (including my own!).

If you look at the two industries closely, you will see that movie making and jewellery making are not that different from each other - in the movie business, you turn a script into a film, in the jewellery business, you turn a design into a piece. The process is the same: you imagine something, you create a story and you build it up into a piece that exists.


Strelitzia Cuff by Adler

HBA: As the fourth generation of the Adler family, how have you developed the brand for today’s market with your cousin Allen and his wife Daisy?

KA: Allen, Daisy and I always have discussions about the future of the business. So while we have achieved many changes – for example, launching our social media presence, collaborating with artists for our displays and engaging new customers – we believe that small is beautiful.

We want to maintain the family atmosphere of the business, continue to respect the core values of the brand and above all we believe that true luxury is all about human connection.