#BazaarLoves: The New Bee My Love Bracelets From Chaumet

BY Sophie Stevens / Apr 5 2018 / 15:11 PM

Perfect for everyday stacking with geometric honeycombed designs in an infinite mix of coloured gold and diamond styles

#BazaarLoves: The New Bee My Love Bracelets From Chaumet
Bee My Love bracelets, from Dhs 19,200, Chaumet

The symbol of the bee has been used as a design motif throughout the history of the French jewellery Maison, ever since Founder Marie-Etienne Nitot first created these naturalistic jewels for Napoleon I and the Empress Joséphine.

Chaumet-Bee-My-Love-Pink-Gold-PlainBee My Love pink gold bracelet, Dhs 19,200, Chaumet

Now for 2018 Chaumet has introduced a new collection of Bee My Love bracelets that playfully nod to this past in the form of bee-inspired honeycomb motifs that chicly slot together in stacks of two, five, ten or more, with prices starting from Dhs 19,200.

Chaumet-Bee-My-Love-Bracelet-Half-PavedBee My Love yellow gold bracelet half paved with diamonds, Dhs 38,200, Chaumet

Celebrate life’s happiest moments with recognisable style and choose from white, yellow or pink gold bracelets in either plain designs or half paved with diamonds in alternating hexagonal cells. Wear one as an elegant statement or start your own limitless combination. Bee yourself.