Chaumet Celebrates UAE National Day With A Special Animated Movie

BY Milli Midwood / Nov 30 2017 / 15:07 PM

Fine jewellery to flaunt on National Day

Chaumet Celebrates UAE National Day With A Special Animated Movie
Liens Séduction bangle

Fine jewellery brands are leading the way with National Day celebrations this year. First 55FIFTY7 unveiled their National Day collection, filled with diamonds and emeralds, followed by Glow Diamonds’ exclusive UAE flag pendant for Sauce Rocks, and now Parisian House of Chaumet have revealed a special animated movie to celebrate the country’s 46th anniversary.

The 60-second short film titled “Spirit of the Liens” pays tribute to the namesake that inspired it, the Spirit of the Union, an official logo and theme derived the vision and legacy of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who bestowed on the community a passion to continue to progress and modernise the nation.

“Lien” is a symbol of the bond between two souls, and the animation aims to draw parallels between the meaning of the Liens de Chaumet and the cosmopolitan spirit of the UAE through the depiction of Chaumet’s signature blue ribbon appearing throughout the film in different scenes of the Emirati culture. After shaping the Spirit of the Union, the blue ribbon transforms into a Liens Séduction bangle, with, as the brand states on Instagram, “a playful ribbon to knot the bond of love on our Leina Seduction pieces” – and presumable the bond of love between the fine jewellery brand and the UAE.