Chaumet Hints At New Boutique Design In The Dubai Mall

BY Sophie Stevens / Aug 1 2018 / 14:57 PM

The jewellery Maison has opened an exclusive pop-up store previewing their soon-to-be-reopened renovated flagship boutique

Chaumet Hints At New Boutique Design In The Dubai Mall
Courtesy Chaumet

Chaumet has revealed their pop-up boutique on the ground floor of The Dubai Mall, which hints at the upcoming architectural concept behind the new flagship boutique scheduled to reopen in September 2018.


Chaumet's pop-up boutique can be found on the ground floor of The Dubai Mall

Looking to 238 years of history and Chaumet's workshops in the heart of Place Vendôme, the pop-up feaures jewellery and watch collections that nod to the Maison’s Parisian inspirations.


Jeux de Liens lacquer and diamond pendant and Liens Lumière watch, Chaumet

New creations for summer 2018 include additions to the Liens and Hortensia lines, with delicious shades of lacquer in the Jeux de Liens pieces complemented by the patent straps of the Liens Lumière watches. Meanwhile the naturalistic Hortensia collection has received a dose of shapely new designs in bright hues of malachite, carnelian, tiger’s eye and turquoise.


New additions to Chaumet's Hortensia collection feature bright hues of malachite, carnelian, lapis lazuli and tiger's eye

Also available at the pop-up boutique is the Joséphine collection, which reimagines the iconic tiara in an array of modern rings.


The Joséphine wedding bands reimagine the iconic tiara

As the Maison’s first muse, the Empress Joséphine's 1804 coronation can also be seen on the creative hoarding currently covering The Dubai Mall flagship during the renovation period, which portrays the key historical moments that have led to Chaumet's modern-day creations and will adorn the store until its reveal next month.