Dive Into The Pharaoh's Jewellery Box With This Colorful Collection Inspired By The Middle East

BY Harper's Bazaar Arabia / Mar 15 2018 / 15:38 PM

From the heart of Cairo, Dima Jewellery is paying tribute to Egypt’s rich past

Dive Into The Pharaoh's Jewellery Box With This Colorful Collection Inspired By The Middle East

It’s been 15 years since Dima Rashid launched her highly coveted handcrafted jewellery line. Known for its exquisite coloured gems, including rubies, lapis and turquoise, Cairo-based Dima Jewellery uses the same cutters as iconic jewellers such as Bulgari and Cartier to ensure each piece is unique and pays homage to her Middle Eastern roots.

DimaEarrings, Dhs4,185, Dima Jewellery

Earrings Dima

Earrings, Dhs7,530 Dima Jewellery

Ring, Dhs2,940, Dima

Ring, Dhs2,940, Dima Jewellery 

Originally Palestinian, Dima grew up in Kuwait before settling full time in Egypt. Inspired by the land of the Pharoahs, her meticulous attention to detail in each piece marries the past with the present. Using hand-beaten 18kt gold coins, which have become a hallmark of some of her best known pieces, Dima’s luxury bespoke jewellery has been worn by some of the most chic women in the world. They include Queen Rania of Jordan, Gisele Bündchen, Yousra, Gigi Hadid, Heidi Klum, Hend Sabri, Eva Mendes and Susan Sarandon.

Dima ring

Ring, Dhs13,295, Dima Jewellery

Earrings, Dhs6,450

Earrings, Dhs6,450, Dima Jewellery

To commemorate her 15th anniversary, Dima has launched the Dreams of Gold collection, which pays tribute to timeless Middle Eastern beauty and cultural heritage. The collection includes ’90s-style chokers, lariats, charms and tassels alongside dome-shaped cocktail rings, made from her trademark combination of raw textures and unique precious stones, including diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and lapis lazuli. Each piece harnesses subtle cultural nods, including delicate crescent moon references.

Earrings Dima

Earrings, Dhs10,375, Dima Jewellery

Dima Ring

Rings, (from left)Dhs3,600 and Dhs3,180, Dima Jewellery

Dima’s love of coloured stones began at an early age, as her father was an avid collector of rosaries. After remaking some of her own necklaces and bracelets in her own vision, she’s now one of the region’s most coveted jewellery designers. Her pieces are timeless, and her passion for ethically-sourced stones from Persia and India only enhances their beauty. The Dreams of Gold collection is the next step in a journey which is captivating, iconic and luxurious, and a fitting tribute to Dima’s ultimate source of inspiration.

Earrings Dima

Earrings, Dhs4,520, Dima Jewellery

From the March issue of Harper's Bazaar Arabia