Dubai Watch Week 2017: Interview With Director Melika Yazdjerdi

BY Sophie Stevens / Aug 22 2017 / 19:31 PM

Running from 16-20 November, DWW is returning for its third edition. Director Melika Yazdjerdi gives us a sneak preview into this year’s event and the focus on ladies watches

Dubai Watch Week 2017: Interview With Director Melika Yazdjerdi
Courtesy Dubai Watch Week
Visitors to the 2017 event can expect more masterclasses, creative hubs and panels
Dubai Watch Week 2017: Interview With Director Melika Yazdjerdi
Courtesy Dubai Watch Week
Vistors have flocked to previous editions of the event

HBA: The theme of DWW this year is “Classic and Contemporary” – what does this mean and what can we expect?

MY: The theme “Classic & Contemporary” explores the evolution of watchmaking, by bringing the industry’s rich heritage to light as well as championing its innovation and creativity – connecting the past to the present.

Visitors can expect more masterclasses, creative hubs and panels - hearing first hand from the legendary watchmakers who tell their stories. This year’s edition will feature new programs such as digital activations in partnership with the Fondation de Haute Horlogerie, watch-craft masterclasses, and an evaluation room where visitors can have their watches appraised by the experts at Christie’s.

Dubai Watch Week Director Melika Yazdjerdi

Dubai Watch Week Director Melika Yazdjerdi

HBA: Can you tell us about ladies watches at DWW?

MY: The role that women play and the watches they wear have always been an important focus for Dubai Watch Week and this year is no exception. There will be numerous ladies watches on display in addition to various panels covering topics relevant to both men and women.

HBA: Do you see ladies watches becoming more popular in the region?

MY: The dynamics of watch collecting have been shifting due to the significant influence of social and digital media, especially in this region. 

Today, collectors are more informed, have built an international community and are very specific about their requirements. This change has influenced the way women collect and also increased the female collector base across the region.

HBA: Ladies watches are often seen as simply an extension of a jewellery collection - do you see this attitude changing at all because of DWW?

MY: Female collectors are looking at complications as much as the male counterparts – it's no longer just about the aesthetic appeal of the watch but rather a genuine interest in the design and workings of a timepiece – both inside and out.

Over the past two years, an increasing number of female collectors have actively participated in the watch-making masterclasses and have provided invaluable feedback.

Dubai Watch Week International

Courtesy Dubai Watch Week

HBA: What typical features do women here look for in a watch?

MY: Brands that present pieces with embellishment through gem setting or lacquering are particularly popular, as well as sportier styles that make use of more technical materials such as rubber, steel or even embroidery.

HBA: Where do you see DWW in the future?

MY: We have seen increased international interest in Dubai Watch Week year-on-year since the event started, from watch brand participation to the profile of our speakers and especially through international press attendance.

With the continued support of our organiser Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons, partners and the international watch industry, we aim to grow Dubai Watch Week into the region’s foremost event dedicated to watches, watchmaking and horology.