Exclusive: The Prickly Charm Of Cactus De Cartier

BY Sophie Stevens / Aug 7 2017 / 15:13 PM

Images showcasing the latest additions to the Cactus collection can be previewed here

Exclusive: The Prickly Charm Of Cactus De Cartier
Courtesy Cartier
Cactus de Cartier ring in yellow gold and diamonds
Exclusive: The Prickly Charm Of Cactus De Cartier
Courtesy Cartier
Cactus de Cartier ring in pink gold, spinel and diamonds

The Maison debuted the Cactus collection in 2016, which added a rebellious streak to the traditional floral themes commonly found in fine jewellery. With their highly stylised forms, spiked features and colourful gems, the collection appeals to a bold wearer unafraid of adventurous jewels.

Cactus de Cartier ring pink gold spinel

Cactus de Cartier ring in pink gold with spinel and diamonds

Thorns are a dominant theme of the 2017 additions, with earrings, pendants and rings portraying detailed textured surfaces interspersed with gemstone buds and petals. With both matt and polished finishes available, the jewels can be worn either on their own or arranged in clusters.

Cactus de Cartier ring yellow gold diamonds

Reminiscent of their 1950s cocktail rings, the latest Cactus de Cartier ring is in yellow gold and diamonds

In keeping with their independent nature, the pieces lend a fun spin to classic jewellery styles that also hark back to the Maison’s own design history. The solitaire diamond is set in a spiky ring setting reminiscent of Cartier’s 1950s and 60s cocktail rings, and soft pink gold is offset with vibrant spinel petals.

Cactus de Cartier handbag with brooch clasp

The Cactus de Cartier handbag in alligator skin dusted with 24-karat gold with a gem-set brooch clasp

Chrysoprase, emeralds and carnelians continue providing the verdant green and vibrant coral-pink hues of the collection. A brooch clasp featuring these gems as beads and leaves complete the Cactus handbags, available in either green or decadently covered 24-karat gold dusted alligator skin.

Whilst the jewels of the Cactus de Cartier collection are certainly not for the faint hearted, the latest designs continue fusing the desert’s legendary flower with strong feminine charm.