EXCLUSIVE: Valérie Messika Interview

BY Farrah Taylor / Apr 22 2017 / 20:15 PM

The founder of the French jewellery brand talks to Harper’s Bazaar Arabia about her inspirations and exciting plans for the Middle East

EXCLUSIVE: Valérie Messika Interview
Courtesy Messika
Founder Valérie Messika
EXCLUSIVE: Valérie Messika Interview
Courtesy Messika
Messika Manchette Thea in rose gold and diamonds

Tell us a bit about yourself and the history of the brand

I set up Messika 12 years ago with my father’s support. He was a diamond dealer and manufacturer, so I have always been passionate about and involved with the industry. Today, only diamonds and coloured diamonds are featured in my designs.

What inspires you when you create the jewels?

Many things across fashion and history, but particularly Paris as I live there and love the city. Women themselves also inspire me, as I want my clients to feel feminine when they wear my designs, such as the original Messika diamond line bracelet – it’s so delicate but gives the wearer a big feeling of elegance when they put it on.


Valérie Messika

You have been going through a lot of international change recently. What are the upcoming plans for the brand?

We are opening ten stores next year, seven of which will be in the Middle East. One each in The Dubai Mall, Bahrain and Kuwait, three in Doha and two in Saudi Arabia.

I have been doing business in the Middle East for a long time and I think women there really get my brand. We offer so much variety in our collections that when ladies visit with their mother, or sister or aunt, there is always something for them – Messika is cross-generational!


Messika Swan Asymmetrique diamond earrings Dhs 170,000 (larger) and Dhs 85,000 (smaller)

Will you be spending much time in the Middle East?

I already do; I was only in Dubai and Doha last month. I love the energy there and the real sense that anything is possible. I took my daughters with me as they are still little and I don’t want to be away from them too much, and they love the cities as much as I do.

What is your future dream for Messika?

To be honest, it already feels like a dream. Each day I wake up and go to the office smiling. I’m trying to teach my daughters that this is what happiness looks like, working hard but having all of this energy and passion because I love what I do.