4 Fine Jewellery Pieces We’re Still Swooning Over From Haute Couture Week

BY Allyson Portee / Jul 10 2019 / 23:40 PM

De Grisogono, Louis Vuitton, Chaumet and Van Cleef & Arpels

4 Fine Jewellery Pieces We’re Still Swooning Over From Haute Couture Week
Giorgio Armani Haute Couture

De Grisogono

Swiss jeweller de Grisogono launched their new high jewellry collection called Modern Beauties, inspired by women in the movies.
“We have a longstanding relationship with cinema and we’ve been at the Cannes Film Festival the past seventeen years,” says their CEO Céline Assimon. “It was fitting this year to pay tribute to the art of cinema making. We started with black and white pieces, which is one of our signatures, and brought out colours. We started in December and miraculously many of the pieces came out on time.”

“When I look at the Middle East it’s an interesting market of adopters of all our new pieces,” adds Céline. “In terms of trend, the Middle East was the earliest to start de Grisogono trends in the region. One piece from a previous collection is ‘Allegra.’ It’s this region that is helping us recruit a lot of new clients, of active young women coming to the brand buying multiple bracelets and earrings to match their silhouettes.”

Chiaroscuro Gold Ribbon Earrings by De Grisogono

The Chiaroscuro Gold Ribbon earrings, an 18K white gold set with white diamonds, 336 black diamonds, and 331 white diamonds. Wrapping around the ear, allows the white and black diamonds to be easily seen with one pair, while the matching pair showcases the black diamonds. The earrings create an impression of perpetual motion that increase in size and intensity to reach a crescendo in a stunning pear-shaped diamond.

Van Cleef & Arpels

Let’s be honest, most of us didn’t get through high school without having to read about star-crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet. And this season, Shakespeare’s legendary masterpiece inspired French luxury jewellery company Van Cleef and Arpels, who created the collection in homage to these fictitious characters.
“For us, the choice of Romeo and Juliet was a natural one for several reasons. Literature is one of the Maison’s major sources of inspiration, and in 2003 we had already paid tribute to the world of Shakespeare with the A Midsummer Night’s Dream collection,” explains Nicolas Bos, President and CEO of the company.

Romeo & Juliet Clips by Van Cleef & Arpels

These duo clips come together because how can anyone separate two lovers? Made from white, rose, and yellow gold with black lacquer, rubies, coloured sapphires, spessartite garnets, lapis lazuli, and white and yellow diamonds- the clips are a tribute to Shakespeare’s play, the duo of Romeo and Juliet. This is one of the most figurative pieces in the collection. Red, representing Juliet and blue, representing Romeo dominate the main colour palette for the collection, inspired by the coats of arms of the two families: the Capulets and the Montagues. With 3D craftsmanship, Romeo and Juliet seem to come to life in this romantic scene.

Louis Vuitton

French jewellry House, Louis Vuitton launched their new ‘Riders of the Knights, Medieval Heroines’ collection at Haute Couture Week in Paris. With women in mind, the house pays tribute to the powerful vision that impelled so many medieval heroines to transcend their limitations and forge their own destiny.

Le Royaume Necklace by Louis Vuitton
Le Royaume is architecturally minded with inspirations from medieval fortresses, like a portcullis, chains, and drawbridges. With a shape inspired by the gorget – a special piece of armour designed to protect the throat – the Royaume is remarkable for its exquisitely delicate enameling and the supple way it drapes against the skin. A blue sapphire is one of the gemstones used, as it takes center stage to symbolise the protection of the Kingdom.


French maison Chautmet celebrates a centennial and fruitful dialogue with its pictorial and poetic theme with the new Les Ciels de Chaumet collection. For two centuries, Chaumet has been creating jewels inspired by the celestial vault, illuminating the beauty of women, transforming their presence into an apparition.

Les Ciels de Chaumet
With a strong vein of cultures running through the collection, you’ll find inspiration from North Africa to the Far East. From solar disks adorning the frescoes of ancient Egypt to contemporary installations and abstract skies; from the wading birds in Japanese prints to the birds of Picasso and Matisse, the sky in all its states has long inspired the most beautiful creations. 

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