MB&F Just Released Their First Ladies' Watch And It Was Designed To Represent Feminine Energy

BY Sophie Stevens / Mar 14 2019 / 22:53 PM

BAZAAR spoke exclusively to MB&F founder Maximilian Büsser at the Dubai launch of its highly feminine (and highly impressive) Legacy Machine FlyingT

MB&F Just Released Their First Ladies' Watch And It Was Designed To Represent Feminine Energy
Courtesy of MB&F

So just how long did it take to create the first ladies watch? This is Bazaar’s first question to MB&F founder Maximilian Büsser: “52 years,” he quips, referring to his age. “It’s taken me a lifetime to break out of my comfort zone and do things I once said I never would.”


The flying tourbillon of the Legacy Machine FlyingT sits at the centre of the dial plate

“But in all seriousness, about four years. I realised I have been surrounded by key women throughout my life: my late mother, my wife, and now my two daughters. I wanted this watch to stand for what they represent, particularly my mother – energy and elegance.”

The Legacy Machine FlyingT certainly does that, with its round white gold case surmounted by an extravagant convex dome of white sapphire. At the centre of the black lacquer or diamond-set dial plate is the raised flying tourbillon, the heart of the LM FlyingT engine. “The column-like structure of the flying tourbillon was very important to me,” Maximilian explains, “as I felt very strongly that women form the pillar of humanity.”


Feminine energy and elegance are the inspirations of the Legacy Machine FlyingT

A single diamond sits at the top of its cage that rotates with the tourbillon, a detail “inspired by the dancing ballerina in my daughter’s musical box,” Maximilian shares. Meanwhile the watch’s dial sits at the 7 o’clock position in either black or white lacquer, with its 50° incline designed as an intimate touch so that only the wearer can read the time. Not only that, but the watch boasts a power reserve of four days (100 hours) – among the highest within MB&F’s collections.


The 50° tilt of the dial means only the wearer can read the time

The Legacy Machine FlyingT is available in three editions, with their 38.5mm white gold case enclosing dials in either black lacquer surrounded by diamonds, or fully paved in baguette or brilliant-cut diamonds. We can’t think of a slicker way to read the time.

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